This post is the continuation of our series to help you increase online sales! presence and start growing your online sales today. On the first post we focused on SEO, analytics, and some marketing tips. If you haven’t read that article, we highly recommend you go check it out to better understand how to increase your webshop’s visibility and drive traffic.  In this part, we’re going to talk about some basic marketing tips to increase conversions in your webshop. 


Here are 10 more tips you can implement right away to enhance your marketing strategy. 

1. Remarketing

Digital marketing takes time, effort, and money. Don’t assume customers will convert immediately – it rarely happens… Remarking is one of the most effective ways to combat shopping cart abandonment and increase sales online. It involves employing marketing tactics on prospects who have previously interacted with your webshop but did not convert. That’s the reason remarketing is commonly referred to as retargeting. Set up a third-party HTTP cookie on your webshop to target visitors. The cookie will follow webshop visitors and show them ads for products they’ve interacted with on your website.

2. Highlight value proposition

The value proposition of your webshop is the reason why consumers should do business with you instead of your competitors. It outlines the value you create for your customers. For an webshop, it can take on different forms:
  • Fast delivery
  • Low prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality products
  • Well-designed website
In essence, the value proposition should be relevant to your costumes, offer quantifiable value, and differentiable from your competitors. It’s time to face a painful truth. The vast majority of customers don’t care about you or your business – only how your products will help them. Consumers purchase products to solve a problem or fulfill a need. That’s exactly why your value proposition should be front and center on your marketing strategy. Include it on all your content, home page, and product pages to draw in customers.

3. Follow-up emails

Marketing and customer service go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the importance of post-sale customer service. It seems like the customer experience often ends once money changes hands. It’s a damaging mistake for consumer retention and repeat sales. Increasing sales volume requires having a well-thought out follow-up procedure for new and existing customers. An effective follow-up email should offer valuable information. The email should include a detailed summary of the purchase and tracking. Additionally, you can use follow-up emails as an opportunity to upsell. Offer customers items related to their order.

4. Create detailed buyer personas

Marketing plays an important role in the customer acquisition process. It can improve your webshop performance and help your business grow. However, if you don’t know your customers, your efforts will be in vain. Making assumptions can be dangerous. Take the time to find out some valuable, detailed information about your target audience. The better you know your ideal customer, the more likely they will be to react to your content and advertising. Create buyer personas that encapsulate the values, behavior, and characteristics of your target market. Relevant data include: demographics, motivations, behavior, objections, and goals

5. Promotions and discounts

It’s fairly obvious that offering low, competitive pricing can draw in customers. However, starting a price war with your competitors is harmful for everyone involved. Instead, entice your webshop visitors with discounts codes and promotions for their first purchase only. If you can afford it, discounts codes will help win more first-time buyers. Consider the costs associated with discounts as an investment that will generate returning customers. Lower prices or discounts will help increase online sales, but it will have effect on your profit early on.

6. Offer free shipping

Similarly to discounts, free shipping can nudge a potential customer to complete an order. Nowaday, free shipping is essential to remaining competitive. Shoppers love free shipping. The reason is because it makes the buying process more transparent. Free shipping removes hidden costs. If your business can’t absorb the cost, then consider offering free shipping only for large orders of a certain value. It will encourage customers to increase their order to reach the minimum threshold required for free shipping. 

7. Money-back guarantee

One of the most common objections for online shopping is the perceived risk. Consumers often prefer to inspect products in person for quality and fit. Research has shown that the perceived risk (whether justified or not) has a negative impact on purchase intention online. Most people are risk averse and require some kind of insurance when making a purchase. Implementing a money-back guarantee for your webshop customers can provide the reassurance some consumers need. It will offer a sense of security and encourage visitors to convert.

8. Customer testimonials

The best endorsement for your webshop will come from your own customers. Happy customers essentially act as ambassadors for your business by spreading good word of mouth. Online shoppers often use customer reviews to evaluate the quality and fit of a product. Adding customer reviews to your product pages can be beneficial for converting prospects into customers. It can nudge first time visitors to try out your products. Learn how to enable customer reviews and rating on your WooCommerce webshop.

9. Expand your reach with different sales channels

When starting an webshop, it may be wise to use popular marketplaces to get exposure for your brand. Listing your product catalog on and amazon can give your business a running start upon launch or increase your existing customer base. Plugins make it very simple to integrate your marketplace listings with a WooCommerce webshop. Woosa has a variety of plugins developed in partnership with the most popular marketplaces in the Netherlands. Connect your products with social media marketplaces. Facebook and Instagram offer special features for online businesses to showcase products on their platform. Take advantage of the large number of social media users to create brand awareness. Most importantly, capture sales at the moment of discovery. Learn more about using Facebook and Instagram shop options here.

10. Customer service

Providing customers with ultimate satisfaction can become a valuable asset for your webshop that sells itself. The attitude and attentiveness with which you handle a problem can have a positive impact on the sales. Great customer service can create recurring sales and generate good word of mouth. A happy customer will likely be a loyal customer for life. That can lead to free advertising and that will increase online sales. Invest time in improving your customer service experience. Write a detailed FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page or add a live chat feature to your webshop. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible.

To be continued… 

On our next post, we’ll show you how to optimize your webshop design to boost your sales. Make sure you check out part 3 of our tips to increase your online sales. We’ll give you actionable advice you can implement right away to grow your business. Build a powerful WooCommerce webshop today using Woosa plugins. Our team of experts can help you develop a plugin that fits your business needs. Reach out to us for more information.