Amazon is designed to allow virtually anyone to sell on the marketplace. It’s user friendly and it supports a number of different business models. In recent years, the increased popularity of online shopping has attracted many retailers to the platform hoping to capitalize on the trend. Competition for sellers is harsh and finding success on Amazon requires hard work, dedication, and most of all innovative ideas.  In this post we’re going to give you 4 tips and tricks you can use now to improve the visibility of your products on Amazon

1. Rank your products on Amazon by relevant and popular keywords

Products can often be known by many different names or have varying characteristics. It’s essential to conduct thorough research for relevant product keywords. Focusing on relevant keywords will help you optimize your product page title and content. There are some great tools online that will allow you to know the popularity of different keywords. Egrow has a keyword research tool to help you find keywords on Amazon with low competition to rank your products higher on the marketplace. Alternatively, try to use suggestions on Amazon’s own search engine. For example, if you’re selling phone cases and you want to know which cases are in demand, simply look at the search suggestions on Amazon. Keyword Tool can help you find the most popular search queries on Amazon related to your keyword. It will show results extracted from the autocomplete function on the marketplace. In general, Amazon will put the most relevant keywords above the least popular ones. Once you have a list of popular keywords, you will know which products to start selling, how to title your product pages, and what language to use on product descriptions.

2. Create an optimized SEO product page

Now that you have selected the right keywords, you would have to do SEO on your product page to ensure your items are visible. Ideally, you want to rank on different keywords by using synonyms and related long tail keywords.


The title is the most important field when it comes to positioning your product. It’s the first thing potential customers will see on Amazon search results. Therefore, it’s important to include the main keyword at the beginning in your product title.

Product features

Product features are the characteristics that differentiate and make your product stand out. Considering that this is probably the second thing users will read after the title, focus on having a healthy number of keywords on your copy without overdoing it.


The next section that you should optimize is the description. It is a section where you can showcase your product using the main keyword and related long tail keywords. However, you should avoid putting a single block of text. Instead use lists, highlight some words, make short sentences, etc.

Other factors that influence SEO

In addition to the sections mentioned above, there are many more variables that influence the positioning of your products on Amazon:
  • Average score: good scores on your products directly influence better positioning.
  • Number of comments: Amazon takes comments into account for search ranking. Therefore, it is important to try to get as many comments on your products as possible.
  • Quality of Comments: Amazon favors products with comments that other customers rate as helpful. Positive, useful comments are key for positioning.
  • Number of sales: if your product starts to sell well, it means that users like it and Amazon will take note of it by positioning it higher.

3. Increase the CTR of your results by sharing the URL of your product

Click-through rate is very important for SEO. Amazon will take into account a good CTR when positioning a product higher on the search results. Therefore, it’s important to share your product URL on your social media pages to drive traffic to the product listing Note that URLs on Amazon can vary depending on how a visitor reaches the product page. Make sure you share the URL generated from clicking on the product from the search results. It will trick Amazon into thinking all the traffic generated from your social media pages is actually coming from the search results. In turn, this will result in a higher CTR and better positioning

4. Get ratings and reviews even if your products don’t have much visibility yet

Customers rarely leave written reviews on products – especially on products they like. It’s difficult to encourage people to leave a review, but it can have a big impact on your Amazon ranking. Here is how you can nudge customers to talk about your product:

Offer discounts in exchange for reviews

One effective way to deal with a lack of ratings and reviews on your product pages is to send free (or at a significant discount) products to people willing to write an honest review. Send bloggers or other influencers samples of your product to try it and review it.

Request reviews from your buyers through Amazon

Did you know you can ask for reviews from people who bought your product? Send review requests through your Seller Central account. Here is how:
  1. Go to the Manage Orders page.
  2. Select an order for which you would like to request a review.
  3. Click the order to go to the Order Details page.
  4. Then click on Request a Review.
Amazon will automatically send the buyer a product feedback email request. The request is a preset message from Amazon and it can’t be customized. Learn more about the benefits of product reviews here.

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