How to automatically design thousands of SEO blogposts in WordPress?

How to automatically design thousands of SEO blogposts in WordPress?

How to automatically design thousands of SEO blogposts in WordPress?

It often is quite a job to design good SEO blogposts. However, that doesn’t make it any less important. Having a good organic position in search engines can mean a lot for your company. It is therefore very important to design your blogposts.

Automatically blogposts design

How useful would it be if you could fully automatically design thousands of SEO blogposts? Our SEO Generator WordPress plugin makes this possible.

By using general content in combination with dynamic placeholders, you can easily transform a text completely into a dynamic blogpost. Let’s give an example:

Buy a cheap {placeholder 1} in {placeholder 2}

If you have a shop that sells bicycles, you could use the variations below:

Buy a cheap electric bicycle in London
Buy a cheap city bicycle in New York

You can imagine that endless variations are possible here to make your SEO blogpost as dynamic as possible.

If I automatically design dynamic blogposts doesn’t this result in duplicate content?

Search engines pay attention to so-called “duplicate content”. Of course, the plugin ensures that the blogposts are not seen as duplicate content. To do this, we will add unique parameters to each blogpost:

  • Unique URL
  • Unique meta title
  • Unique meta description
  • Unique URL tag
  • Unique date
  • Unique alt text with any images

If the search engine does see your blogposts as duplicate content, then there is still no issue. The biggest misconception about duplicate content is that you can get a penalty for it. That is not true. The most that can happen is that the blogpost is not indexed and instead is shown an alternative.

During the development of the SEO Generator, this was carefully considered and thought about. Be sure to check out the following resource on duplicate content:

Basically, design as many blogposts as you can!

Success stories of clients who already design automatic blogposts

There are plenty of success stories, but we’d like to highlight one!

The design of approximately 20,000 blogposts has concluded in a significant result for this client in a period of 2 weeks.

The website impressions have gone from 500 to 3,300 just by the automatic design of the blogposts with our SEO Generator plugin for WordPress.

Start with the SEO Generator for WordPress!

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