How do I authorize the Loyverse plugin?

Before you can start synchronizing products and orders, we first need to authorize the plugin with your Loyverse account.

This can be done in a few simple steps and we first start in Loyverse:

Create an APP in Loyverse #

  1. Go to and login with your Loyverse credentials
  2. Click on Apps on the left side of your screen (the puzzle piece icon) and click on +ADD APP
  3. Give it any name you want and for the Redirect URL field fill in your domain name, for example: (Please note: every character is important to copy/paste correctly, even the slashes /)
  4. Hit Save


Great! Now that the app is created in your Loyverse account, we can head over to WooCommerce to finalize the authorization.

Authorize the Loyverse plugin in WooCommerce #

Since we created the app in Loyverse, we can start authorizing the plugin in WooCommerce. For this we need the APP ID, APP Secret and Redirect URL.

  1. In your WordPress backend, go to the Loyverse plugin settings: WooCommerce > Settings > Loyverse > Authorization
  2. On this page, you can see the following fields:
    1. APP ID
    2. APP Secret
    3. and Redirect URL
  3. Remember we created these details when creating the APP in Loyverse? Simply copy/paste those details into the fields in the plugin. (In Loyverse the app secret is blurred out, but you can simply click on the Copy button to copy the APP Secret)
  4. When all the details are filled in, click on Click to Authorize
  5. You are redirect to the Loyverse login screen once more, fill in your Loyverse login details
  6. The next screen you get is Permissions Request. Click on Allow on the bottom.


Note: Since we already authorize the plugin in our testing environment in the past, we are able to skip the Loyverse login screen.

Congratz! You now authorized the plugin in WooCommerce with your Loyverse account and you start synchronizing products and receipts.