BigBuy Release v1.2.0

FIXThe synchronization stops when an error occurs while processing the feed
FIXThe min and max price filter allow values lower than 0
FIXThe addition price fixed and percentage value allow values lower then 0
FIXThe product is not set as publish if the price is not greater then 0
FIXThe HTML from the product short description is removed by the wrong field sanitization usage
FIXPrice is not set to the in-progress products if the setting option is disabled after the products were created
FIXDuplicated categories from different levels are not created due the slug uniqueness
FIXSync product attributes was not working properly
FIXThe term count is not getting updated with the total number of products within it
FIXSending an order where a product does not exist in shop anymore is rejected because the product_id property from order data line should be greater then 0
FEATURENew setting option to decide whether the products should be set as draft or published automatically
FEATURENew setting option to add Track & Trace to order customer emails
FEATURENew setting option to whether or not to update the attributes and dimensions
FEATURENew setting option to use an external cronjob then the default scheduled action