How does my BigBuy Dropshipping account work?

In this article we’re going to explain how your BigBuy Dropshipping account works and what you can do with it.

Create account #

Don’t have a BigBuy Dropshipping account yet? You can easily create an account via

In order for BigBuy to work with our WooCommerce plugin, you will need the E-commerce Pack at BigBuy. For this they will charge you €69.00 per month for their dropshipping platform. These costs are in addition to your subscription at Woosa. Luckily Woosa has a discount code for BigBuy which is DISCOUNT20, it will give you 20% discount on BigBuys subscription.

Log in your account #

If you have already created an account with BigBuy, you can easily log in via: You will then end up in the BigBuy Dropshipping dashboard where you can see your account details as well as your orders and balance.

The BigBuy API key #

To be able to synchronize products and forward (dropshipping) orders from WooCommerce directly to BigBuy, we need the API key from your BigBuy account. You need to enter this key in the settings of the plugin. Curious about these settings? Consult the User Guide of the BigBuy Dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce.

To retrieve your BigBuy API key, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your control panel of your BigBuy Dropshipping account
  2. From the left menu choose My Account
  3. Go to the tab Synchronise with BigBuy
  4. Below the section API key, you will find the API key for both production and sandbox
  5. Choose the production API key, our plugin does not support sandbox mode at this moment.

Send orders automatically to BigBuy #

Despite the fact that the BigBuy WooCommerce plugin automatically transfers orders to BigBuy, you still need to make sure to either have PayPal connected to your BigBuy account or to have enough money in your Moneybox. How to do this?

PayPal #

PayPal is automatically configured when paying your E-commerce Pack (which is mandatory) through PayPal.

Moneybox #

  1. Go to your BigBuy account and click on Moneybox in the left menu.
  2. Go to the tab Deposit money
  3. Choose a minimum quantity of €300 to deposit into your Moneybox and click deposit.
  4. After clicking the button deposit, you will receive an email with instructions where to pay your deposit to.

Questions and Support #