Authorization errors #

One of the first steps in setting up the vidaXL WooCommerce plugin, is authorizing your vidaXL account with WooCommerce. However, during this process you can experience errors. We have stated them below including the solution.

Code Error message Screenshot Cause Solution
Shop is not registered Screenshot 1) The permalinks are set on Plain

2) There is no valid SSL certificate problem installed. You might see an error like: cURL Error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate.

3) The logs show: Response body has invalid JSON.

1) Go in your WordPress dashboard to Settings > Permalinks and configure your permalinks to anything but Plain. Try again to authorize.

2) Activate and install a SSL certificate via your hosting provider and try again.

3) This can have 2 different solutions. It is either related to the permalinks setting also or access to the WooCommerce REST API is blocked by a firewall, server or hosting provider.
3.1) Go in your WordPress dashboard to Settings > Permalinks and configure your permalinks to anything but Plain. Try again to authorize.
3.2) Check with your hosting provider what is blocking the WooCommerce REST API and make sure it will get unblocked. Try again to authorize, once this is done.

Woosa secret key is invalid Screenshot You have changed domains, database or cloned your webshop. You can find the Woosa secret key via WooCommerce > Settings > General and scroll all the way down. You will notice that this field is disabled and you can’t edit it. However, that field probably has the wrong secret key stored. The only way to solve this is by Submitting a Ticket including access to your WordPress dashboard. Our Support Desk will be able to solve this within minutes.
null Screenshot Your website doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. Activate and install a SSL certificate via your hosting provider and try again.
401 Granting authorization has failed, please check the logs. Screenshot 1) You are using the wrong vidaXL email address and API key to authorize

2) Your vidaXL dropshipping account doesn’t have permission to create and/or update orders

1) Check in your vidaXL dropshipping account, what your correct email address and API key is and try again. You can read here where to find this information.

2) Please contact the Support Desk of vidaXL by Submitting a Request and tell them that you receive a 401 Unauthorized error when trying to connect your vidaXL dropshipping account to WooCommerce.

403 Forbidden Screenshot 1) Corrupt .htaccess file

2) The server firewall blocks any requests from the Woosa midlayer server

1) There can be many reasons why a .htaccess file is corrupted. It can happen already by installing a new plugin for example. Luckily it’s easy to solve!

Log in to the root folder of your WordPress installation via FTP and rename the .htaccess file to .htaccess_old. Next go to your WordPress dashboard > General > Permalinks and hit the save button. This generated a new and clean .htaccess file. You can check this by going to your WordPress installation root folder via FTP again.

After that, try to click the button Click to register again.

2) To solve this issue we advise to whitelist the Woosa midlayer IP addresses on server level. You can find the IP addresses below:


We use ports 80 and 443.

Synchronization errors #

Code Error message Screenshot Cause Solution
request.headers[x-woosa-signature]: Signature value is invalid Screenshot One of the credentials to connect with our and vidaXL its server is incorrect. Follow the next steps to solve this issue:

  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API > Revoke the REST API key of Woosa
  • Go to Users > Search for woosa_midlayer > Delete the woosa_midlayer user
  • Go to Plugins > Search for the Woosa – vidaXL for WooCommerce plugin > Deactivate the plugin > Reactivate the plugin
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > vidaXL > Authorization > Click on the button Click to Authorize.

It might happen that after these steps you will receive a new error during the authorization: Woosa secret key invalid. Please read the solution for this error above.

  • Try again to Start the Synchronization.

Order errors #

Code Error message Screenshot Cause Solution
Product SKU is not valid Screenshot The product is not available anymore at vidaXL. It either is Out of Stock or entirely removed from their catalog. Unfortunately there is no solution for this error, except preventing it next time. Therefore you can use the Preserve Stock Offset setting in the vidaXL plugin settings.
503 Service Unavailable Screenshot The vidaXL server is temporarily not available. You can’t do anything yourself to solve this, since it’s an issue at vidaXL its server. Try again later by manually sending the order to vidaXL via the product bulk actions.
Could not create order Screenshot You’re not allowed to create orders for that country code. When creating a dropshipping account at vidaXL, you’ll need to choose to which country you want to sell. This means you can only Send an Order to vidaXL within that country. Prevent this error from happening, by limiting the countries that can order in your webshop.