How to add featured images to your WooCommerce categories

Using images for your categories is so common that you would almost forget about using them. In this article I will tell you about it and how to add them to your categories.

How to add featured images to your WooCommerce categories?

Do you sometimes notice webshops without images for categories, it looks like an incomplete website, right? So what can you do if you have a webshop? Adding images for your categories! The website will look more professional with images and inform the client already a little bit what can be found within these categories.

The steps to do this are explained below

1. Navigate in your backend to the tab Products -> Categories
2. Go to the category you would like to edit and click on Edit
3. There you’ll need to click on Upload/Add image
4. Select the image you want to use or upload the image
5. Select the image in the choose field and click on Use image
6. Click on Update at the end of the category settings and the image is now set as category image

I hope this will help you with adding images to your categories!