How to rename categories in WordPress

For SEO purposes it is necessary to rename categories in WordPress. In this article we will explain you how to change those.

First navigate to the category section by going to Posts -> Categories here you can update or delete your categories. There are 2 easy ways to do this:

Quick edit method

    1. Navigate to the category you would like to rename and click the Quick Edit button
    2. The Quick edit menu will appear where you can, as the name already tells you to quickly change the name.
    3. In the same menu you can also change the slug of that category, this will define the URL of that category page. If an category is for example ‘Videogames’ the category page URL will be displayed as: Https://
    4. Don’t forget to hit the update category button in order to update the new category name

Edit method ( gives you the opportunity to also add a description to the category)

    1. Click the Edit button by the category you would like to edit
    2. At the page you will be redirected where you can change the category name, parent category, the slug and add a description
    3. Here is the same thing to do at the end, saving the changes. You do this by clicking on the update button

When adjusting the category names you can also change the category prefix. To change this you need to go to Settings -> Permalinks