How to sell on Zalando? Europe’s leading brand’s Marketplace

How to sell on Zalando? Europe's leading brand's Marketplace

 If you are a fashion retailer, you may have considered taking advantage of the Zalando marketplace to drive sales. The sustained, solid, and extraordinary growth of the German company Zalando has made it the leading operator in the sector in Europe.

Give your business a boost by learning how to sell on Zalando. It’s simple and has a lot of potentials to open new sales channels for your fashion brand. Today we explain how to do it.

It is true that currently, having a fashion brand is an arduous task, although not difficult. It takes a lot of work. And that is why finding the slightest loophole to push yourself is significant. The case of Zalando as a sales bridge between our fashion brand and customers will expose us to thousands of users.

In this article, we want to teach you how to sell on Zalando, and the truth is that the information on the net about this topic is not very extensive, and it is time to know more about it.


What is Zalando?

Fashion enthusiasts recognize Zalando as a platform where they can find the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, regardless of gender and age. This marketplace, which supplies a wide variety of articles from a thousand brands in many European countries, was born to correct the existing frictions between consumers and online shoe stores.

Did you know that returns skyrocket in retail environments, reaching 24% of sales? Although this data applies to all electronic commerce, it is presumable that shoe stores suffer it with particular intensity. In Zalando, they knew it when they started their journey. “Do you buy shoes on the internet without trying them on?” can be read in his biography. “That never works!”

Innovation and the rapid adoption of new technologies have been critical to the success of Zalando, which, like Amazon and other e-commerce giants, set its sights on customer satisfaction from the beginning. Once again, we are dealing with a company that does not joke around with the “customer comes first, second and third” catchphrase. For Zalando, it is also the fourth and the fifth!


How to sell on Zalando?

It’s time to understand how to sell on Zalando. Since in Zalando WooCommerce plugin by Woosa was finally launched, the program to connect physical fashion stores in Europe with Zalando.

Selling on Zalando is a natural way to market the products of our clothing or accessories brand. Plus, it’s free for the first three months. Through its Connected Retail system, Zalando connects with brands to ally themselves.

Any brand can use its platform, such as WordPress and connect, to sell its stock of clothing or accessories. A way of selling helps current businesses a lot, avoiding having to invest in initial marketing to sell their products and speed up their income.

Zalando’s objective is to serve as a digital shopping centre and push thousands of Europe fashion companies to have daily orders from the Internet and join the new era.

We tell you why you should sell on Zalando if you have your online store and what steps you need to take to be part of the marketplace, integrate your store and how Woosa helps you achieve it.


Why sell on Zalando? 

Why sell on Zalando? 

If you have a fashion eCommerce, you have a good opportunity if you integrate your business into the Zalando marketplace. So many retailers are already Zalando Partners; why?


1. Because of the low commissions

There is no setup fee; the sales fee is a flat monthly rate, plus a 5-25% commission on each product sold. This amount depends on the product category.


2. Because of its scope

The marketplace has more than 50 million customers, millions of visits to its website and a presence in 17 European countries, among which we can mention, in addition to Germany, Finland, France, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, England, Switzerland and Spain. Imagine reaching hundreds of thousands or millions of customers without having to do marketing and promotion on your own. Your online store maintains the essence of your brand, and as a Zalando Partner, you can go beyond the limits of being a small retailer.


3. Because of the management facilities

Zalando takes care of the payment process and customer service so that you can save yourself the most tedious and delicate parts of management.

You can even outsource the logistics and let Zalando do the shipping if you join the Zalando Fulfillment Services program and store your products in their warehouses.

In this way, Zalando Partners benefit from an efficient stock management, packaging and shipping system, offering your customers a quality standard that is difficult to beat.

Let’s see some other Advantages of Selling on Zalando:

  • Solve your digital problems. Your site where you can sell without spending on marketing or the web.
  • Security of payments. Zalando secures payments without you having to worry about it.
  • Controlled platform. Zalando controls and maintains the web platform daily; you can forget about this work.
  • Stock control. You can choose how much you want to sell to not overload yourself.
  • Free returns. Zalando does not charge a commission on those products that are returned.

Commissions for selling on Zalando vary depending on the product sold. And in addition to charging a monthly fee for selling on Zalando except for the first 3 months.


Steps to start selling on Zalando

Steps to start selling on Zalando

Learning how to sell on Zalando is very simple; you have to follow these steps:


1.Become a Zalando Partner

Zalando imposes some requirements to admit their partners, and it is a process with several things to fill out; in addition to obviously selling fashion items, you need to be able to offer free shipping and returns and up to 100-day returns.

There are two forms of collaboration. You can be part of the basic Partner Program, where Zalando takes care of payments and customer support. Or you can go further and enter the Zalando Fulfillment service and have them take care of returns, stock storage and order management.

However, this marketplace in its Connected Retails modality has stringent guidelines for accepting new retailers, so take a good look at how to register on your platform and its requirements.


1.1 Eligibility

Once you enter the page, you go to the Connected Retails section, where you must initially verify that you are eligible as a Zalando retailer, for which you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a physical store;
  • Sell products from the Zalando;
  • Have a digital POS inventory management system, use IEAN / EAN codes to identify products in the store;
  • Have a computer or tablet with the printer for contracts.

In addition, you must have a contract with a delivery company to process shipments and returns.


1.2 Record

Then, you must register your store, for which you will have to include the data of your business or company, such as name, physical and web address, telephone, etc. 


2. Connect your WooCommerce website with the Zalando Marketplace

Once the effective procedure has been passed, what would be the next step? Integrate your WordPress website with Zalando. The ideal is to work with a feed management tool that facilitates this integration with Zalando (and, if possible, with many other marketplaces).

You can get even more out of it if you integrate your WooCommerce with the Zalando WooCommerce plugin.

Zalando WooCommerce plugin by Woosa works as an integrator: you have your product information on WordPress, and the tool takes care of moving it to Zalando. This way, you ensure that your product information meets Zalando’s requirements and is always up to date.

What happens if you receive an order at Zalando? With the connection of orders, they arrive directly at your online store. This synchronization allows you to streamline the management of all your orders and save time.

In short, thanks to the API connection that the Zalando WooCommerce plugin offers, you will make your integration with Zalando (and many other marketplaces) as simple as possible. This way, you can dedicate all those hours to boosting your business.

Check Zalando WooCommerce plugin


3. Receive orders

Start receiving orders with the notices you’ll get from the Zalando platform. A convenient and simple way to send orders from your store.


4. Send your package

You can print the corresponding labels and documents from its platform to create your package and send it.


5. Receive your monthly income

Zalando keeps a commission from every product you sell. But your benefits will be deposited each month through a transfer to your account.


Did you find this article interesting? Discover how to sell on Zalando in this simple guide I propose. You can read it here and start selling the products you have in your WordPress WooCommerce store.