Introduction 2.0 of the Webshop Podcast

In the Introduction 2.0 of The Webshop Podcast, Jessica and Jim will tell more about themselves and Woosa. Jessica tells about the origins of Woosa and Jim about his role as Partner and Affiliate Manager at Woosa. Everything with the aim of giving you insight into the new hosts of The Webshop Podcast.

Why version 2.0 of the webshop podcast?

With this version, Jessica and Jim breathe new life into The Webshop Podcast. They will review relevant topics on a weekly basis, with a focus on e-commerce. They will also make everyday current topics negotiable – because what a hectic year was 2020 – to be able to provide webshop owners and online entrepreneurs with advice and answer questions. Because how do you keep your business running in such a hectic time?

The origin of Woosa

Let’s start at the beginning: Woosa was founded by Jessica Risch, out of her own frustration. For five (5) years she worked as an employee as a Product Manager. In her role as Product Manager, Jessica was responsible for the realization of plugins for various webshop platforms. Think of: Magento, WooCommerce, Lightspeed and more. Unfortunately, she continuously ran into a wall during this process. If the deadline was met at all, the link often turned out not to work in practice. After all, every webshop has a different configuration, such as: hosting, themes and external link. Partly because of this, there was never really a link that was really finished. Conclusion: it could be better! A lease and / or subscription model for WooCommerce plugins was the idea. Woosa was born! The concrete business model is as follows: Woosa bears the development costs and thus retains the intellectual property. We are looking for a close cooperation with the supplier such as or Amazon, then we have a very strong proposition, right?

Do you choose quality or quantity?

Despite the fact that there is enough development in the field of WordPress, WooCommerce plugins, there was still a gap in the market in terms of quality plugins. There is enough development when it comes to free WordPress plugins, but free is not always good. It is sometimes said that cheap is expensive. According to Jessica, users can pay a little more for a good WordPress plugin. In return, they know for sure that what they get is stable and scalable. Isn’t that so? Then you are always entitled to unlimited support and updates.

Build a strong network 

In the first year of Woosa, a lot was invested in the cooperation with companies such as, Amazon, VidaXL and more. A lot of time has gone into expanding the network. One bright spot was that Jessica already brought a strong network from salaried employees, which was also related to e-commerce. Because of this she got off to a good start!

Get rich quick, hype or work hard?

You will probably have seen it once: an advertisement that tells you how to generate thousands of euros in turnover in a short period of time. You can call this a real hype nowadays. Young people want to earn a lot of money quickly and it is cool to be a successful entrepreneur with a good webshop. One of the business models promoted here is dropshipping. You can certainly become very successful with dropshipping. However, that – of course – does not happen overnight. You have to work very hard for it.

Starting a webshop/podcast

The Webshop Podcast is also intended for people who do not have a webshop yet, but want to start one. There will be enough starting entrepreneurs with questions about setting up their own webshop. By talking to experienced webshop owners and discussing the challenges of the trade, Jessica and Jim hope to answer relevant questions. Every bit of advice helps!

The potential of a podcast

In this introductory podcast, the focus is on WordPress, WooCommerce, but Woosa is also expanding to Shopify. We have no preference when it comes to which e-commerce platform you use. We can cover every facet, whether it is Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify. If we don’t understand something, we will invite someone who understands it. In any case, The Webshop Podcast is interesting for every entrepreneur. Whether you have a webshop or other online business. Listen to the first episode here: