Tips for building and maintaining a successful webshop

Building a powerful webshop is fundamental to creating a successful business. There are over 800,000 webshops in Europe and 82,000 in the Netherlands alone. Competition is fierce and the success of your webshop depends on a variety of factors from the choice of eCommerce platform to SEO and payment options. In order to boost your webshop’s sales and revenue, there are a few basic guidelines you need to follow. Here we show you some of the most important. 

Sell the right products

One of the first steps in starting an webshop business is to figure out what kind of products you’re going to sell. This is one of the biggest challenges facing hopeful entrepreneurs. There is plenty of competition in the most popular product categories but there are some ways in which you can figure out the right product for your webshop. 

Find something that solves a customer pain, capitalize on trends, appeal to hobbyists, browse popular products on marketplaces like Amazon, and always be on the lookout for new product ideas. Shopify has a great post about trending products for webshops which is updated regularly and can help you come up with some product ideas. 

Choose the right eCommerce platform

Building an ecommerce business is not as simple as listing products on a website. It can be far more complicated than you imagine. Choosing a platform for your webshop should involve some strategic thinking and planning about the future of the business. A few things to keep in mind while deciding on a platform are running costs, growth, customer engagement, and your store’s objectives.

In order to compete online, you must consider using a platform which will allow you to grow while keeping costs low. WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform powering over 28% of all webshops. It integrates seamlessly with most plugins and you can get started for free! 

Provide popular payment options

In order to have a successful webshop, it is important to create a pleasant customer experience. Providing a wide range of payment options will ensure that your customers are able to purchase your products with no hassle. Offering multiple payment options can be tedious and overwhelming, but there are some ways to simplify the process. Adyen provides an all-in-one platform for payments with all the popular payments methods. Fortunately, it’s easy to integrate Adyen with your WooCommerce webshop with the help of the Adyen Woosa plugin. 

Easy checkout page

Continuing with the theme of payment methods, it’s fundamental to improve and optimize the checkout process of WooCommerce. Plug & Pay is an all-in-one system for payment pages, up-selling, and online subscriptions. They offer ready-to-use templates for your webshop, A/B testing, invoices, payment reminders, and many other services to increase your sales and conversion. If your webshop is running on WooCommerce, you can use the Woosa Plug & Pay plugin to integrate this service to your business. 


Having an webshop without doing search engine optimization (SEO) is leaving money behind. A strong SEO strategy is needed for helping customers find you online. It’s estimated that 89% of consumers use search engines to inform their purchase decisions. As an webshop owner, you want those consumers to land on your website. If that wasn’t enough reason, traffic from organic search is free which makes SEO a cost-effective way to grow your bottom line. 

Branch out to other platforms ( &

If you want to extend the reach of your webshop, perhaps it’s time to think about listing your products in one of the major online marketplaces. Amazon and have a tremendous client base. Amazon allows you to sell your products all over Europe with a single seller account. Learn more about selling on Amazon here. Thanks to Woosa plugins, it’s now possible to list your webshop products on both and The plugin imports all your Amazon and Bol orders to WooCommerce. It also allows you to publish, change or delete any products on the platforms. 

Promote on social media

Social media advertising can be an effective way of connecting with potential customers. Nearly 3 billion people worldwide use social media which presents a great opportunity for brand exposure. Marketing through social media can help increase inbound traffic to your website. 

Excellent customer support

Online shopping can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of options available and customers must choose among seemingly similar products. Offering customer support after the purchase can help convert potential customers. 

Offer Incentives (referral system, coupons, email sign ups)

Keep customers coming back to your webshop by offering enticing discounts and coupons. Loyal customers will generate good word of mouth which will help acquire new customers. Coupon codes and other discounts are great for branding. Creating a reward system will increase your return customer count, sales, and revenue. Shopping incentives can help you learn more about your customer. Asking customers for some basic information could help you identify which areas of your business you should focus on. Contact information also serves as a way to sell them again in the future.

Want to use plugins to build a powerful webshop?

Paying for plugins is a smart investment for any webshop and it can make a big difference when you’re trying to build a successful business. Free plugin providers don’t do regular updates which can prove costly if your website stops working during peak sales periods. After all, you get what you pay for… Do you want to avoid the hassle of using subpar plugins? Or would you like to develop a specific plugin to meet your needs? Woosa focuses on making tailored plugins for the e-commerce industry at low investment costs. Give us a call! We are available at 036 – 737 04 82.