WooCommerce 4.0 Update

Over 3.8 million websites around the world currently use WooCommerce. It comes as no surprise as the plugin seamlessly integrates into the WordPress interface. Constant improvements to WooCommerce make it very easy to build and manage a powerful webshop. 


True to nature, the eCommerce plugin for WordPress has just released a major update. Here are the improvements you should expect:

  • WooCommerce Admin becomes a core functionality of the platform
  • Improved order management workflow on the Activity Panel
  • Action Scheduler migrates data storage to custom tables

WooCommerce Admin

The WooCommerce Admin helps you manage your store by providing you with key metrics about your revenue, order, products, etc. Previously an added plugin, WooCommerce Admin becomes a core functionality of WooCommerce with the new update. 

Activity Panel

The new version of the activity panel allows you to access critical functions from any WooCommerce screen – desktop & mobile. Improved consistency between devices coupled with upgrades to the order management flow create an overall better user experience. Note that you will need to be running WordPress 5.3+ to reap the full benefits of this feature.

Action Scheduler

Previous versions of the action scheduler stored data using a custom post type. WooCommerce 4.0 brings custom tables to the action scheduler which results in better performance. According to WordPress, the update significantly reduces database space, new action creation time, and sorted action list retrieval. If you want to read about other minor improvements, visit the action scheduler page.

Woosa’s got your back

Our team strives to bring you premium plugins that work. We know how important it is for your business to have a website that runs smoothly. Therefore, we constantly test our plugins with every WooCommerce update to make sure you don’t miss out on a single customer. The new WooCommerce 4.0 is completely compatible with all Woosa plugins. Commits are temporarily unavailable, but all critical functionalities work as intended.

Do you need to develop a WooCommerce plugin? 

Licencing a Woosa plugin means having a plugin that works seamlessly with your website regardless of updates. Install it and leave the rest to us! Looking for a specific plugin tailored to your needs? We can help you develop and maintain a plugin, reach out to us for more information or check out one of our existing plugins.