The most important page on your webshop is undoubtedly your checkout page. It’s where visitors turn into customers. A well optimized checkout page brings you conversions. On the other hand, a poorly designed checkout process on your webshop could be the leading cause of cart abandonment. We will help you to optimize the checkout page! Cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating problems facing webshop managers. In fact, nearly 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned. It’s commonly caused by long and complicated checkout processes. Imagine you found a great new piece of furniture that would look great in your living room. You have your credit card ready, only the checkout process is quite lengthy… Now you’re starting to wonder whether you should buy it at all. It happens more often than you think and it’s costing you sales. In this post we’ll share with you some tips and tricks to optimize your checkout page.

What boosts conversion rates?

First, let’s define some of the factors which influence conversion rates on your webshop: 
  • Cyber security: a secure online shopping experience is crucial to building trust with your customers. Credit card fraud is an ever present problem for consumers shopping online. Consequently, shoppers look for websites that have sufficient measures to thwart this fraud.
  • Customer trust: online shopping comes with a certain level of risk. Shoppers are not able to access the quality and fit of products first hand. Instead, customers rely on indirect quality indicators.
  • Promotion and discounts: offering vouchers or coupons can help nudge a customer to complete and order. Limited time offers can trigger fear of missing out. 
  • Payment options: the more payments options available increase your appeal to a wider audience of potential customers.
  • Website design: the functionality of your website determines how consumers navigate through your product pages. Well designed webshops encourage visitors to explore and discover new products. 
Now that we have identified some of the most important elements that affect conversion rates, let’s consider how you can use them to optimize checkout your page.

Secure your webshop

Building customer trust for your brand can directly affect your revenue. Secure your checkout process. When checkout pages appear untrustworthy, customers will be less likely to purchase anything. Highlight security and trust badges. Use SSL seals to reassure customers their payment information is secure. Research has shown that customer shopping experience is positively affected by mitigating perceived privacy and security concerns. Read about some simple tips to secure your webshop here.

Social proof

Customer trust is also highly influenced by your product quality, brand recognition, and price. However, first time shoppers unaware of your brand rely on implicit cues to assess your business. In an online shopping environment with limited information, consumers rely on other consumers as an information source. Include testimonials and customer ratings on your checkout page. It can help make a great difference in your conversion rates. Research has found that a large number of high-quality online reviews have a positive effect on purchase intention for consumers online.


If you’re familiar with running a business, then you know the power of upselling. A customer walks into your store to purchase a pair of shoes, so you suggest that he buys a shoe polish kit to go along with his brand new shoes. The same applies to an webshop. Make sure your checkout page contains suggestions for complementary items. The technique is called cross-selling and it’s commonly used by some of the most successful online retailers. Amazon uses cross-selling strategically on its product pages, but it can be used efficiently at checkout too. Alternatively, offer customers free shipping for large orders. It can help nudge your customers to increase the size of their order.

Clearly display discounts

It’s clear the impact discounts and promotions have on consumer shopping behavior. Enticing shoppers with a coupon offer or discounted prices on your product pages can help increase your sales. However, it’s crucial to highlight the applied discounts all through the checkout process. Assume that customers will potentially review their cart before completing an order. This may lead to them adding or removing items. Clearly display discounts on the checkout page. If you offer free shipping, be sure to highlight it upon checkout. It will help decrease cart abandonment.

Simplify the checkout process

The length of an webshop checkout is measured in the number of steps required to complete a purchase. Carefully consider the functionality of each step and determine whether it adds value to your website. Eliminate unnecessary steps and avoid queries that require customers to input information twice. For instance, include an option for customers to indicate if their shipping and billing address are the same. Unnecessary steps will make your checkout process complicated and long. It gives your potential customers a chance to change their mind or consider a different retailer.

Review customer account policy

Customer accounts are great to keep track of orders, offer discounts, and collect valuable information about your customers. However, shoppers can often perceive it as a nuisance. Creating an account on a website requires time and effort. Evaluate the benefits and impact of required customer accounts on your webshop. Unless it offers value for your customers, consider adding a guest checkout option. It will simplify the ordering process and potentially increase sales. Here is a simple guide to help you figure out if you should enable customer accounts on your webshop. The key to improving your checkout page is to address objections customers might have about purchasing your products.

Want to increase conversion rates with your checkout page?

The tips outlined in this post are simply a starting point for improving your checkout page. Checkout page optimization requires extensive A/B testing. It can take a lot of time and effort to get it right. If you’d like to have a professionally designed page proven to increase conversions, we urge you to visit Plug&Play. Plug&Play checkout pages can be seamlessly integrated to your WooCommerce webshop with the help of Woosa’s Plug&Play plugin.