About SenS Online Solutions

SenS Online Marketing was founded in 2008, because there was a lot of abuse of the entrepreneur’s ignorance and quite a lot of resentment between collaborations with online marketing agencies.  Entrepreneurs were often stuck with long term contracts, had to deal with snags and often had no idea what exactly was happening. This was something I wanted to change.

We were going to do this by helping companies in a transparent and honest way with the effective use of search engine marketing, in the broadest sense of the word. Soon we became a recognized Google Partner, and after many customer inquiries, we expanded our services from search engine marketing, to full service marketing activities.

Full Service

This means that we are currently engaged in the development of webshops, websites, applications, but also in the online findability and visibility of customers through search engines, banner campaigns, video, link building and every other conceivable form of online advertising.
To be able to guarantee quality, we only do this with specialists per discipline. To keep the quality and service per employee high and to ensure that each person can fully develop within his/her discipline. This means we have separate programmers, graphic specialists, SEO marketers, Facebook marketers, etc. For our customers this is ideal, because with 1 party, they can have 15 different specializations in house.
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