eBay WooCommerce plugin

Want to sell your products directly via the eBay website? Automate this process with the eBay WooCommerce plugin.

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eBay WooCommerce plugin from Woosa

Do you simply want to publish secondhand advertisements of your products? Then connect your WooCommerce webshop with our WooCommerce eBay plugin.

Without hassle, small letters and high investment costs. Woosa provides a ready-made eBay WooCommerce plugin for a fixed amount per month including unlimited support.

Features eBay WooCommerce plugin

Hbelow you will find an overview of the most important functionalities. At Woosa we never sit still, so we keep adding extra functionalities and ensure that your eBay plugin is always up to date. Do you have questions about our functionalities, integration or do you need additional functions? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

Main eBay plugin Functions

  • Publish eBay ads for your products
  • Receive the statistics of your eBay ad in WooCommerce
  • Automatically synchronize the product information with your eBay ad

Benefits of eBay WooCommerce plugin license

With a Woosa plugin you never have to invest in building and updating your own plugin. For a fixed amount per month we continue to develop the eBay plugin, we ensure that the plugin is up-to-date, we add new functionalities and you receive everything you need from us. We take care of the technical hassle and you can sit back. That is the “Woosa No Hassle Guarantee”.

Are you a WooCommerce / WordPress developer or Internet agency? Even then you are at the right place at Woosa. With our volume licenses you have a price advantage so that you can also generate monthly income. But most importantly … we ensure that your customers are satisfied with your Adyen solution and you don’t have to worry about it. We do the work, you get the credits;).

Woosa, official eBay plugin partner

Woosa is an official plugin partner of eBay. We contact eBay directly about changes or new functionalities in the WooCommerce eBay link. This allows us to offer you the latest functionalities without you having to worry about it. If you still have a problem with our 2nd hand plugin and your WooCommerce webshop? Then we are immediately ready for you. Thanks to our direct contacts at 2nd hand, we can solve this quickly with you.

Why use eBay?

eBay is one of the largest advertising platforms in the Netherlands. Millions of Dutch people use the platform every month to find second-hand items for the best price. By publishing your (new) products in a second-hand advertisement, you will attract the attention of a large audience and you will realize more turnover with your WooCommerce webshop.

Start with our eBay WooCommerce plugin?

Subcribe and we’ll notify you when the eBay WooCommerce plugin will be released!

eBay WooCommerce plugin

Want to sell your products directly via the eBay website? Automate this process with the eBay WooCommerce plugin.

  • Unlimited plugin support
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  • ✔ No obligation - can be cancelled monthly!
  • ✔ All functionalities in the trial period

Experience the service of Woosa

  • Free helpdesk via phone, email and livechat
  • No strings attached, you can cancel every month
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