Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin

Plug & Pay offers good converting checkout pages with a link to Mollie. Get even more out of your WooCommerce webshop with a checkout from Plug & Pay!

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Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin from Woosa

Do you want to improve and optimize the checkout process of WooCommerce? Do not wait any longer and use the Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin.

Woosa provides a ready-to-use WooCommerce plugin which has been fully tested and optimized, with the aim of achieving the best conversion. By purchasing the Woosa plugin you are entitled to unlimited support and updates. No hassle, choose Woosa!

Functionalities Plug&Pay WordPress plugin

Do you also want to customize your WooCommerce checkout page with the aim of better conversion? The Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin allows you to implement a fully optimized checkout page in minutes. Woosa also ensures optimization in the plugin continuously. We never stand still and improve the plugin based on feedback and our own insights.

Easily customize your checkout page and achieve better conversion

Main plugin Features

  • Choose a design for your checkout page in your Plug&Pay account and realize a better conversion
  • Replacement for the regular checkout page of WooCommerce
  • Products are automatically created and updated in Plug & Pay
  • Conversion optimized by IMU (Internet Marketing Uni)

Advantages Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin license

Thanks to Woosa you can use an advanced WooCommerce plugin, you will receive unlimited support and updates. We also develop – at no extra cost – functionalities on request which contribute to the full functionality of the plugin.

The Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin allows you to easily adjust the WooCommerce checkout. It also ensures a real-time and seamless integration between WooCommerce and Plug&Pay. There you choose Woosa, no hassle but certainty!

Woosa, official plugin partner of Plug&Pay

Woosa is an official plugin partner of Plug&Pay. Updates are made in consultation with Plug&Pay to achieve the best result. Together we have the goal to achieve the best optimal user experience in the WooCommerce checkout.

Why customize your WooCommerce checkout page?

Plug&Pay was founded by IMU (Internet Marketing Union). They are a true marketing specialist, making the designs of their checkout pages optimal for achieving the best conversion.

Start with our Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin?

At Woosa you can always try our plugins for a certain period of time for free. We call this the “Woosa no hassle” guarantee. Click on the “Download direct” button on this page and by transferring 1 cent, you can activate your trial period. Be concerned about unexpected depreciation, because we always send you a reminder email before the end of the period. In addition, every Woosa WooCommerce plugin can be canceled monthly without any hassle.

Do you have questions about our integration?

We are ready to answer all your questions via our Chat or via our contact details. In Dutch, so nice and easy. English support is of course also available to our international customers.

Plug&Pay WooCommerce plugin

Plug & Pay offers good converting checkout pages with a link to Mollie. Get even more out of your WooCommerce webshop with a checkout from Plug & Pay!

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