Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin

Do you have a WooCommerce webshop and do you want to use dropshipping via Thimble Toys? Then you should have this Thimble Toys dropshipping plugin!

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Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin from Woosa

Thimble Toys is the dropshipping solution for the toy and home categories. Thanks to the simple Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin from Woosa, you can start your own online toy store or home store in no time.

Easily sell more than 20,000 products, without having to keep stock yourself!

Features Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin by Woosa

Below you will find an overview of the main functionalities. At Woosa we never sit still and ensure that your Thimble Toys plugin is always up-to-date. Do you have questions about our functionalities, integration or do you need additional functions? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Thimble Toys plugin Functions

  • Import the (complete) product range from Thimble Toys
  • Product properties are automatically assigned to products
  • Automatic order forwarding to Thimble Toys for immediate shipment
  • You can determine your own margin on top of the purchase price of Thimble Toys
  • Stock levels and prices are updated automatically

Determine your own margin

Determine your own margin automatically on top of the purchase price of Thimble Toys, by means of a fixed amount or percentage.

Insight into the prices of Thimble Toys

Are you curious whether you use the most attractive price compared to the recommended price? Then you can find the Thimble Toys tab per individual product under the product details. Is your price green? Then your price is attractive, is it red? Then you are too expensive OR you do not make a profit.

Why use Thimble Toys?

Thimble Toys has been a toy wholesaler and importer since 1989. They now have 29 years of experience in toys and supply more than 23,000 products from their own stock throughout Europe.

Thimble Toys is the ideal dropshipping partner if you have or want to start your own online toy store.

Start with our Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin?

At Woosa you can always try our plugins for a certain period of time for free. We call this the “Woosa no hassle” guarantee. Click on the “Download direct” button on this page and by transferring 1 cent, you can activate your trial period. Be concerned about unexpected depreciation, because we always send you a reminder email before the end of the period. In addition, the Woosa Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin can be canceled monthly, without any hassle.

Do you have questions or functionalities or integration?

Our support team is ready to answer all your questions via our live chat, WhatsApp or via our contact details. In Dutch, so nice and easy. English support is of course also available to our international customers.


Thimble Toys WooCommerce plugin

Do you have a WooCommerce webshop and do you want to use dropshipping via Thimble Toys? Then you should have this Thimble Toys dropshipping plugin!

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