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bol.com is the biggest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium. Selling your products also via Bol.com, means reaching over 10 million (unique) visitors each month. One of the biggest benefits of bol.com is their pricing model. They charge you based on a CPS, in other words you only pay a commission once you sell a product via their platform.

Having the shipping labels in bol.com and the shipping integration on your WooCommerce shop required manually handling the shipping labels and to manually pass the data to your integrator which is timewasting. With Distribution via bol we lift the burden off your shoulders by automating the process. The plugin can download the shipping labels from bol and uses the bol order id and the track and trace meta fields to pass the data to your shipping integrator which will save you time and effort!

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In collaboration with bol.com, we offer the plugin for free.

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See what our clients say

See what our clients say

Joost Tendeloo

We have been working with Woosa for a while now. If you ask me, we have a very good cooperation and always good contact. Personal and helpful with a lot of decisiveness. A very good combination which makes Woosa a very good company!

Nicola Calvio

Excellent support very fast and resolved my problem

Erik Hellasson

Woosa have one of the best support and work hard for helping u.
Grate jobb Jessica.


Which integrator does these plugins support?

In theory all integrators will work with this plugin, as long as they use the “custom meta field” logic of WordPress. However, we have tested it with the integrators below.

  • Channable
  • Channel Engine
  • Effect Connect
  • Productflow
Does the plugin support all shipping labels of DVB?

DVB stands for Distribution via bol.com. Our plugin supports all shipping labels activated by bol.com in your seller account. It will either use the recommended one automatically or let you choose it manually.

Can I also download the shipping labels?

Yes, the plugin does 2 things:

  • Create a shipping label (bulk or individual)
  • Download a shipping label (bulk or individual)