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Since 2018 GDPR is a very important element, when running a website and mainly webshop. It protects the rights of consumers, when surfing through the worldwide web. Basically they can give their “consent” to track their online moves, via your website. Tacking will be done via different kind of website tools, mainly for improving website experiences and tracking for online marketing purposes.

Most GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance plugins for WordPress are very basic and limited. That is why we want to create a highly customizable and flexible GDPR Cookie Consent plugin for once. You can easily add any script to the cookie consent banner and it automatically can deactivate those particular scripts. Want to be the best in class? Than you should use this GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance WordPress plugin.

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See what our clients say

See what our clients say


Can I add a custom script myself?

Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of custom scripts within the settings of the plugin. The script will be loaded if consent is given and will be excluded if the consent is declined.

Will the plugin show a consent banner with the first visit?

Yes, visitors can consent with the scripts used by your website or can declined tracking.

Can I change the design of my cookie consent banner?

Yes, within the plugin settings you can change the primary and secondary color. In this way the banner is always compatible with the design of your website.

Is this plugin compatible with other WordPress plugins?

Yes, all plugins that are using / loading a script will be excluded once the consent is declined.