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Selling your own software is one of the most fruitful business models nowadays. WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are very easy to sell. However in order for selling those plugins, you need a license. Also you need an update infrastructure, so that when there is a plugin update a notification and update function will appear in the WordPress backend.

License your WordPress and WooCommerce plugins

The License Manager for WooCommerce enables you the license software and plugins via one-time payments and subscriptions.

Selling software is often done via subscriptions. Therefore we have made this License Manager for WooCommerce compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Simple and variable products / subscriptions

The License Manager supports both simple as variable products and simple as variable subscriptions. 

Our pricing

Price per month
Price per year


Per month when paid annually
Per month when paid monthly
  • 25 webshops (domains)
  • Unlimited plugins/addons
  • All plugin functionalities
  • Dedicated Support Specialist
  • 14-day free trial period


Per month when paid annually
Per month when paid monthly
  • 1 webshop (domain)
  • 1 plugin
  • All plugin functionalities
  • Unlimited plugin support
  • 14-day free trial period

See what our clients say

See what our clients say


How do I integrate the license logic in my software?

Good question, you can check our API docs for the License Manager WooCommerce plugin here:

Can I deploy updates to only one customer?

Yes, you can deploy updates in general or you can deploy updates for one particular client.

Can I sell software as a subscription?

Yes, the License Manager for WooCommerce is compatible with the WooCommerce Susbcriptions plugin. 

Can I design my software landingspage?

Yes, you can design the page with Gutenberg or with the Flatsome theme UX Builder.