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One of the most annoying things in webshops is irrelevant suggestions. For example you are looking at a red dress and a black jeans is shown as related products. Instead, you would expect other red dresses or maybe some nice shoes. The Product Related by Attributes plugin for WooCommerce, gives you the ability and flexibility to add related products automatically based on the configured attributes.

In this way your customer sees relevant suggestions and might end up spending more on your webshop. It will increase your sales and average order value, which means a happy customer and a happy you!

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See what our clients say

See what our clients say


How can I add attributes?

Attributes are added in the regular way you expect from WooCommerce. Within the settings of the Products Related by Attributes plugin, you can configure the priority of each attribute.

Can I also disable particular attributes?

Yes, within the settings of the plugin you have the ability to disable attributes. In this way, the plugin will not check those attributes for related products.

Can I still add related products manually to a product?

Yes, the default related product funtionality of WooCommerce will still be available and working.