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Teamleader is one of the most-used CRM systems in the Benelux. With over 10,000 customers and their ease-of-use, Teamleader is suited for small, medium and large companies. Because of this enormous success, they have expanded to other European countries also, such as: Spain, Germany, Portugal and more.

The benefit of having a CRM and e-commerce system? A clean mind. Every single conversation about an order, return or pre-sale can be stored in your CRM. Once you have imported the orders of your e-commerce system within your CRM, you literally know everything about your customer!

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See what our clients say

Joost Tendeloo

We have been working with Woosa for a while now. If you ask me, we have a very good cooperation and always good contact. Personal and helpful with a lot of decisiveness. A very good combination which makes Woosa a very good company!


Enjoy working with Woosa! They help us well and understand our vision! highly recommended!

Johan Janssens

We were very pleased with Woosa. Especially their support. Always ready to help and search for a solution. I recommend Woosa !!


No, unfortunately we don’t support the synchronization of products. However you are probably not the only one asking for this functionality. Therefore I would like to ask you to check and vote our Teamleader roadmap.

Functionalities with 10 votes or more, will be added in the next release!

Yes, we see a lot of customers who are using Teamleader in combination with WooCommerce have added a VAT field to the checkout of WooCommerce for example. Within our plugin you have the ability to map this checkout field to the correct field in Teamleader.

Yes, only if a WooCommerce order contains a company with a contact person. In that case both will be created and connected to in Teamleader.