We develop your plugin

Our goal is to impress your company and customers. That is why we develop the WooCommerce plugin not only based entirely on your wishes and needs, but also on those of your customers.

Yes, develop our plugin!

We make your plugin available

After an intensive period of development and testing, we make the plugin available in our own Plugin Store. Thanks to our unique licensing model, every webshop is entitled to unlimited support. Our customers do not have to worry about support and compatibility, support and maintenance is the basis of our cooperation.

Yes, make our plugin available!

We market your plugin

Our goal is to bring your service and plugin to the attention of the general public. We do this by starting a marketing campaign. Focus on results and quality will ensure that your plugin is embraced by many webshops!

Yes, market our plugin!

Have a WooCommerce plugin developed?

Developing a WordPress and / or WooCommerce plugin can be very intensive. Not only the start phase requires all involvement and expertise, maintenance of the plugin is also very important.

Woosa helps companies develop a stable, scalable and powerful plugin without high investment costs.

How do we do that?

  • We develop your plugin completely according to your own wishes and insight;
  • We update your plugin if necessary (within 24 hours) or on request;
  • We expand your plugin with new and better functionalities;
  • We provide support regarding the plugin directly to your end customer.

Do you also want a stable and scalable WooCommerce plugin? No hassle, choose Woosa!