Online shopping behavior has shifted dramatically during the current pandemic as countries implement stay-at-home orders. Non-essential businesses have been forced to temporarily shut down to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result, consumers have turned to online shopping as a safe alternative to meet the necessities of daily living. Online sales for some product categories are experiencing a real boom in sales. To help you out we want to offer you tips to get a successful webshop during corona. Running a successful webshop during the pandemic requires a combination of great customer service, promotions, a dynamic marketing strategy, and effective communication. We list some effective strategies to help your webshop adapt and thrive during COVID-19. 

Customer service

The times call for an effective, robust customer service strategy. Provide your customers with multiple contact channels to improve and encourage communication. Enable live chats and make your contact information clearly visible on your webshop. Be proactive in addressing issues and answering questions. Create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page with common issues and questions to save time and be effective with your time. 

Offer special promotions

Implement a promotional campaign with discounted prices to move stock in your webshop. Selling products at lower prices may seem counterproductive in times when you need the cash flow. But consider it an investment which will boost your brand, create customer loyalty, and increase your sales in the long run. Accepting a lower profit margin in exchange for a larger volume in sales could still increase your turnover in the end. 

Flexible payment methods

Due to business closures and rising unemployment, economic growth has come to halt. The lockdowns have forced many non-essential businesses to lay off employees or resort to wage cuts in order to reduce costs. These measures have placed a financial burden on individuals. Offering flexible payment options can nudge a potential customer to place an order on your webshop. The Dutch marketplace offers customers the option to place an order through their platform and receive an invoice at a later date. Consider listing your products on to take advantage of their secure payment structure. Listing your inventory on can be easily accomplished with the help of Woosa WooCommerce plugin.

Stay connected

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in transport and logistics resulting in shipping delays. It’s important to keep your customers informed about the potential delivery delays and other issues which may arise due to the current crisis. Notify your customers about the measures you’re taking to assure their orders are fulfilled on schedule. Perhaps this would be a good time to release a weekly newsletter to keep your customers informed about your webshop.  Keep your stock updated across all marketplaces. Employ an inventory management plugin to help you synchronize your webshop inventory. Woosa offers premium plugins for major marketplaces and dropshipping suppliers.


Social media marketing is perhaps the most important tool for your webshop during quarantine. An effective strategy is to offer consumers valuable content. The best use case is that of Disney releasing recipes for famous snacks online for people to recreate them at home. The marketing stunt has generated a lot of buzz and it will be sure to pay off once the parks reopen. The key is to stay relevant and create brand awareness that will linger after the pandemic is over. Create helpful content relevant to your webshop. For instance, if you sell fitness equipment then consider releasing video tutorials with exercises to do during quarantine.

Stay informed

A key to running a successful webshop during the pandemic is to stay well informed. Pay close attention to the news and especially to changes in the e-commerce market. Adapt your inventory to offer trending products which will sell and generate revenue. Some product categories have shot up in popularity among consumers during quarantine. Fitness equipment, computer monitors, and self care products are in high demand. Check out our post about the best product categories to offer on your webshop. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

There is no denying that the current pandemic has had an adverse effect on ecommerce businesses. Nonetheless, an effective and dynamic marketing strategy can make the difference between failure and success for your webshop. It’s crucial that your business is able to adapt in order to accommodate the changing times. The shift in shopping behavior could present an opportunity for future growth. Consumers have been forced to integrate online shopping into their routine. Normalizing online shopping could translate to an increase in ecommerce sales even after the virus is long gone. Post coronavirus, webshops may end up profiting from the fact that brick and mortar stores are closed now. Focus on the marketing strategy for your webshop and leave the technical stuff to us! Woosa Webshop Support helps you implement new functionalities to your webshop through our premium plugins and ensures your store is always up to date. Downtime can be costly in terms of lost sales and potential customers. Make sure your webshop is always running smoothly. Contact us for more information.