By popular demand, the new update of the WooCommerce plugin will offer even more flexibility. Version 1.4.0 will be different in terms of interface and functionality. In this blog post we would like to explain what we have changed and why.

Different price, shipping cost and delivery time with multiple accounts

Many Woosa customers have two (2) different accounts. One (1) for the Netherlands and one (1) for Belgium. Until now, the only functionality of our Multi-Account add-on has been publishing products, stock updates and import orders in one (1) WooCommerce environment. However, we were regularly asked whether the product price, shipping costs and delivery time could not vary from each other. The answer to this question has been the basis of the update in version 1.4.0.

General settings per account

Previously, general settings applied to every account. In the new version we have made a distinction between general product parameters such as: condition and shipping by retailer or, which are generic for all linked accounts. In addition, we have some flexible product parameters, which can differ per account. You can adjust the flexible product parameters per account in the general settings of the plugin and at individual product level. By flexible product parameters we mean:
  • Product price
  • Shipping costs
  • Delivery time

The “Action dropdown” at the product level is removed

In the new update of the WooCommerce plugin, we have removed the dropdown where you can define the actions of the WooCommerce product towards This means that you can only perform the actions at a bulk level in the WooCommerce product overview. By actions towards we mean:
  • Publish product
  • Update price
  • Update stock amount
  • Update delivery time
  • Pause
  • Unpause
  • Reset
  • Delete
The reason for this change is because we think it’s more user friendly. It makes more sense to change several products at the same time than one by one.

The internal reference is removed has a field that is used for “internal reference”. Since we have not linked any functionality to this field, we have decided to remove it. Instead, the WooCommerce product ID is automatically linked to the internal reference on The Woosa WooCommerce plugin recognizes whether a product is already in your sales account by means of the EAN code. As soon as the EAN code is linked in WooCommerce, the product will always be recognized from by means of an incoming order or publication of a WooCommerce product on

The processing of API requests has been optimized

If the stock of your WooCommerce product is changed, we will automatically send it to via an API request. The moment a stock change takes place more often in succession, all these API requests are placed in a queue. As a result, at a certain point you will get a long list of changes for one (1) specific product, where the last change would also come last. This means that you are constantly running behind the facts, so that we have optimized this process. In version 1.4.0, the queued API request will be overwritten with the latest change. In concrete terms, this means that you no longer have a long queue, but can have a maximum of two (2) API requests from one (1) product in the queue.

Old queue

  • Stock change of 10 -> 15 -> API request #1 will be processed
  • Stock change of 15 -> 12 -> API request #2 will be in queue
  • Stock change of 12 -> 9 -> API request #3 will be in queue
  • Etcetera

New queue

  • Stock change of 10 -> 15 -> API request #1 will be processed
  • Stock change of 15 -> 12 -> API request #2 will be in queue
  • Stock change of 12 -> 9 -> API request #2 will be overwritten with stock amount 9


These are the most radical changes when it comes to version 1.4.0 of the WooCommerce plugin and addons such as the Multi-Account addon. More substantive changes in this version can be found in our changelog. Do you have additional questions about the new version? Please contact us by e-mail at or by telephone on +31 (0)320 – 33 77 77.