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Woosa developed a bol.com listing price calculator for WooCommerce online shops. Guarantee you’re earning your desired profit margin after shipping, VAT, and commission costs.

While Amazon reigns supreme in the rest of the world, bol.com dominates the online commerce market in the Netherlands and Belgium. In fact, the Dutch marketplace reported €2.1 billion online sales in 2018. Coupled with a shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping means bol.com is experiencing a growing demand. The retailer enjoys a large customer base with over 9 million active accounts and 16 million products in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Costs of selling on bol.com

Due to its popularity, bol.com is the ideal retailer to expand your online shop’s reach. Although listing your products on the platform is totally free, selling on bol.com does incur several costs:

  • Shipping
  • Bol.com commission
  • VAT

Note that your listing price must incorporate all your costs in order to ensure you’re earning the appropriate profit margin for your product. A poorly estimated listing price could shrink your profits below your desired margin. Here is a breakdown of the costs.


An inevitable cost of operating an online shop is shipping costs. Bol.com offers a fulfillment service for its selling partners. It offers discounted prices exclusive to the Dutch retailer. Rates for the logistics service vary depending on the size and weight of your product. Find a full list of the shipping rates here


Listing products on bol.com is completely free. No fees will be incurred until a product is sold. The commision fee for bol.com consists of a fixed amount and a percentage of the sales price. Fees vary depending on the sales price and/or product category. The fixed commission fee ranges from €0.20 to €2.48. The percentage can be between 4% and up to 14.1% depending on the product category. Check the full list here.


Online shops in the Netherlands are required by law to pay a value added tax on products sold. The VAT for products listed on bol.com must be integrated into the listing price. Most product categories will likely fall within the 21% VAT rate. Check out our post on taxes for online shops in the Netherlands to learn more about VAT rates.

Price Calculator

Considering the varying commission and shipping costs. It can become cumbersome to calculate listing prices individually for a large stock of products. Luckily, Woosa has developed a plugin to ensure you’re earning the proper margin on your products listed on bol.com. The calculator will take into account all the costs associated with selling a product on the marketplace and determine the retail price. Simply enter your preferred margin in percentage of the sales price and the calculator will determine the correct listing price. The price calculator will break down the different costs involved so you can always know your largest costs. 

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