safe woocommerce webshop

4 tips for a safe WooCommerce webshop

WordPress is the most popular content management system. A content management system allows you to manage your website without technical knowledge. Thanks to the use of plugins you can easily expand your website with new functionalities. Would you like an webshop? Then install the Woocommerce plugin with which you can start an webshop. Here have 4 tips for a safe WooCommerce webshop!

Both WordPress itself and all your plugins need to be well maintained. There are more than 55,000 plugins on the market and a third of WordPress websites are not well maintained. Due to WordPress being so widely used, it is a popular target among hackers.

Without proper maintenance and good security, you run the risk of your website being hacked at any time. If your website is hacked, both your data and that of your visitors are at risk.

With these basic tips you can make your WordPress website more secure.

  1. Maintenance

Good maintenance starts with timely updates for both your plugins and WordPress. Updates for plugins are released almost daily and WordPress itself gets a new update on a regular basis. It is important to follow up on this or have someone do it for you.

  1. Backups

Just as important as keeping your website up to date is performing regular backups. If your website is hacked, you’ll have a backup on hand. Even if something doesn’t work after an update, you can always temporarily restore a backup.

  1. Strong password

It is important to use a strong password for logging into your WordPress admin page. A strong password consists of: at least 14 characters, a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters and symbols, at least 1 number and your password should not be a word from the dictionary nor any names or dates of birth.

  1. Factor authentication

A strong password combined with 2 factor authentication and a limitation on the number of login attempts make it more difficult for hackers to break into your login page.

Don’t want to worry about the maintenance or security of your WordPress website? I can take care of this and take care of your website so you can focus on your business. You could get in touch with is via our contact page!