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How do I get a reduced fee from charges a seller’s fee per sale on their platform. In some cases, this fee – also known as commission – can take quite a bite out of your margin. That’s why has introduced a bonus model which allows you to pay a lower fee. Wondering how you qualify for’s reduced fee? In this article we will explain how the bonus model works.

Offer the best price at for a lower fee

The reduction of the commission fee can be applied to more than 100,000 articles. In order to offer their customers the best offer, searches for the best price. In this way, they can compete with other (large) webshops. 

The best price is often a competitive selling price, which is used temporarily. As a seller, you can choose to offer this price in exchange for a lower mediation fee. In this way creates a win-win situation; their offer improves and your costs lower.

Continuously competitive sales price uses a price point determined through market research. If there is a Nike Air Max sneaker at seller A € 100,00 and seller B € 105,00, will most likely use € 100,00 as a price point. If your price is equal to or lower than this price point, you are eligible for a reduced seller’s fee. A reduction in the commission fee can amount to a cost reduction of 60%. View the standard fee here.

Not all articles receive a reduced seller’s fee

Although you can get a reduced commission fee on most categories, this does not apply to all articles. Luckily, regularly adds new articles so that they too can benefit from the bonus model. Make sure that the seller’s fee is reduced before you make the adjustment. Of course, you don’t want a lower sales price without a reduced commission fee!

How do you know which items have a reduced seller’s fee?

If a product you offer has a reduced fee, you will receive a notification in the dashboard of your sales account. In addition, you can use the filter option in the article overview. 

Click on ‘Filter’ in the top left corner and choose the two ‘Active’ filters in the category ‘Reduced placement fee’.

Finally, it is possible to view the decision for the reduced fee in the backend of your WordPress and WooCommerce webshop. Woosa has developed a WooCommerce plugin, which will add this functionality as of September 1st!

Start selling on

Now that you know you can significantly reduce the commission fee from, you too can start selling on Create a sales account on here. 

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