BETA launch until August 1, 2024

AI generates, Woosa AI automates.

Woosa AI is the tool for e-commerce and dropshipping stores.
We will not only generate your product content, but also publish it automatically to WooCommerce and (soon) Shopify!

3 reasons why Woosa AI is different from other AI tools

AI will make your life easier in generating content. However, other AI tools never automate this process.

3 reasons why you
need a Woosa AI in your life

We love to automate crucial processes within your e-commerce or dropshipping store.

Woosa AI can connect with your favorite tools!




Yoast SEO

Regular AI tools generate, Woosa AI automates.
The AI tool for e-commerce and dropshipping.


Woosa AI is currently in BETA phase until August 1, 2024.
This means you can take advantage of a very cheap price for a lifetime.



€10 p.m.


€20 p.m.


€40 p.m.

How it works

All actions in one platform, to make your life easier as a webshop owner.

Create an account

Sign up at Woosa AI by choosing your subscription above. You will immediately get access to the platform.

Connect your store

Connect your WooCommerce or (soon) Shopify store and choose which products you would like to push to Woosa AI to generate content.

Generate and publish

Generate content, adjust the content and publish the content to your store. All from the Woosa AI platform without any manual processes.

Great customer support, Jerry answered so fast and offered a great support. Thank you! 

Noah Koch 🇩🇪

Excellent support! Jessica and Ziyam are very helpful and always find way to fix the problem if there is one!

Jordan Nenov 🇧🇬

The support is super fast, and very warm. An incredible service, more than recommended!

Pedro Matias 🇵🇹

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What is the contract period?

You can cancel the subscription on a monthly basis, with a monthly termination period. 

We expect to release the Shopify app after the BETA phase. This will mean by the end of August 2024. 

Yes, you can upgrade your plan or purchase a one-time credit package of €5 for 5.000 credits.

1 credit = 1 word. 

We count the words that have been generated, so only the output. Are your credits almost empty? Than you can upgrade, purchase a one-time credit pack or wait until the reset date.