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Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins

For effective webshop

Plugins add functionalities and features that can help turn your website or webshop into an advanced page beyond the basic WordPress / WooCommerce capabilities. The advantage of using plugins to develop your webshop is that installing them requires minimal technical skills. 

There are hundreds of plugins that can enable you to do more with your website and give your webshop a boost. In this post we’ve compiled some useful WooCommerce plugins guaranteed to help you build a fully-powered webshop.

Running a successful webshop requires creating a pleasant and easy shopping experience. This plugin lets customers navigate from one product to another and it gives customers a quick look of products without having to open the full page. 

SEO is essential to the success of any webshop as it drives free traffic to your site which can translate to extra sales and revenue. Yoast is a powerful tool which can help you optimize your website to become search engine friendly. It is the most used SEO plugin on WordPress for a reason – it works! This plugin analyzes your webshop and provides suggestions and tips on how to improve your SEO. You can easily customize snippets and improve the readability of your posts.

When products go out of stock it can bring your business to a halt; however, this plugin allows you to notify customers when an item is back in stock and ready for purchase. Products in high demand are identified as ‘most wanted’ which will allow you to prioritize your inventory to stock your best selling items.

An effective marketing technique to create brand loyalty is to offer rewards to returning customers. This WooCommerce plugin creates a rewards system for your webshop in which customers can redeem points earned from purchases for discounts. For instance you can award customers 1 point per euro spent on your webshop and set a certain number of points redeemable for a discount or free shipping on their next order. Create a loyalty program that will generate sales and drive traffic to your webshop. 

Shopping cart abandonment is a prevalent problem for all online retailers, but thanks to this plugin you can recover otherwise lost sales. This plugin enables you to send automated reminders to visiting customers who abandon carts on your webshop.

Accepting payments is one of the basic functionalities of an webshop and it is crucial to offer a variety of secure payment options to your customers. The Adyen Woosa plugin allows you to receive worldwide payments through all major methods. It also supports recurring payments for subscriptions.

Increase sales and conversions by having a wishlist on your webshop. Registered customers can create wish lists shareable on social media or email. Allowing existing customers to share their lists with family and friends can drive traffic to your webshop from new potential customers.

Online shoppers often search for key product quality indicators such as reviews and ratings. This add on will help you build trust on your site by using social proof. This service shows real-time notifications of action taken in your webshop. It can track purchases and display a notification to encourage visitors to take action. 

Do you need to develop a WooCommerce plugin? 

That was just a few of the many functionalities and features you can add to your webshop to create a better experience for your customers. Looking for a specific plugin tailored to your needs? We can help you develop and maintain a plugin, reach out to us for more information or check out our plugins.