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Become Succesful at Dropshipping

Start your own Dropshipping store with WordPress and WooCommerce. Woosa will enable you to connect with European Dropshipping Suppliers (e.g. vidaXL, BigBuy, Matterhorn Moda) and automate your entire dropshipping business. Our main goal is to unburden you with import products, synchronizing relevant product information and dispatching orders.

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Connect to Profitable Marketplaces

Starting a business and getting visitors to your e-commerce store, might seem impossible at first. Connecting with profitable marketplaces, such as: bol.com, Kaufland and eBay, can give your e-commerce business a kickstart. Besides it will help you thriving sales, with minimum effort.

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Save Time: Automating
your Manual Tasks

One of the key benefits of using our Marketplace or Dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce, is automating important business processes. In this way, you will save time and are able to focus on what is really important: getting as many sales as possible!

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How does it

Want to enjoy all the benefits of Woosa its
WooCommerce plugins, but not sure where to
start? No worries, we’re here to help you out!

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  1. Start your 14-Day Free Trial period
    During the free trial period you have access to all our plugins, features and Support Specialists.

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  2. Select your Dropshipping or Marketplace plugin
    Login to your Woosa account and go to Licenses to select the plugin of your choice and activate the license key.
  3. Install and activate your plugins
    Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and activate the plugins of your choice.

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Become smart and successful in dropshipping with our plugins and community.

Learn how to get the most out of the Woosa plugins with free courses, community and resources – plus a topnotch customer support team that have your back.

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We help you to easily connect your webshop with Dropshipping Suppliers and Marketplaces. In this way, we enable you to reach more customers without doing a lot of manual work. For example to keep track of your stock level on all these different platforms or synchronize orders.

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