Matterhorn Dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce

One-click Product Import and Stock Synchronization from Matterhorn to WooCommerce

The Matterhorn Dropshipping WooCommerce plugin enables you to import products from Matterhorn to WooCommerce in minutes.

Matterhorn WooCommerce order notificatie

Automate 97% of your dropshipping business with WooCommerce

Automate your WooCommerce dropshipping store with Matterhorn Woosa plugin

One-click product import from Matterhorn to WooCommerce

Jessica Risch is the owner of Woosa

"It is my mission to automate your entire e-commerce store with WooCommerce"

Jessica Risch is the driving force behind Woosa. Alongside a team of exceptional WordPress developers, she crafted specialized WooCommerce plugins for online entrepreneurs seeking to automate their (marketplace) endeavors. Our mission? Simplify and automate 97% of the intricate tasks that accompany online businesses, freeing you to focus on what truly counts: strategy, innovation, and expanding your product range.

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More Incredible Features

The Matterhorn Dropshipping WooCommerce plugin includes also to following features.
Start importing products today and get sales.

Category mapping

Connect WooCommerce with Matterhorn categories, so that you can create your own structure of categories instead of using Matterhorn its structure.

SKU filter

You can include or exclude certain products with their SKU to be imported. In this way you can make a unique selection of products.

Price calculation

Calculate your price based on the B2B price or use the advice price. You can add a percentage or fixed amount margin to earn enough profit.

Update filter

Choose which parameters of the product you would like to update every 30 minutes. For example: stock, price, title, description etc.

Remote images

Product images are added to your store, but not downloaded to your server to prevent the storage to overload.

Track & Trace code

Receive an Track & Trace code in WooCommerce once Matterhorn has shipped the order to your customer. This can be included in the emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about our plugins? Feel free to contact our team anytime!

What happens when I am not satisfied?

If you start with Woosa, you receive a 14-day free trial period. If the plugin doesn’t suit your situation, you can easily cancel your subscription to your Woosa account. Once your subscription is canceled, we won’t charge you. No strings attached.

Even after the 14-day trial period, you can cancel your subscription anytime. We like to keep it simple and transparent!

Within the settings of the Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin you can select which product categories you would like to be imported. Based on the selected categories, we will import all the products within that particular category.

Matterhorn supports all countries in Europe. However the XML feed URL of the product import is bound to language, due to product information. Therefore we ask you to choose the country where you are going to sell, before you start importing the products.

Yes, based on the settings within the Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin.

Based on the trigger you configure in the settings, an incoming WooCommerce order will be transferred automatically. You can also choose to do this manually, if you like.

Once Matterhorn ships the order you will receive the track & trace of the shipment. This way, you can inform your customer about the order’s status. The Track & Trace will be shown within the particular WooCommerce order as a Custom Field, with that you can add the field to an e-mail template and inform your customer.

Our Matterhorn WooCommerce plugin knows which products you have imported from Matterhorn to WooCommerce. We also see when Matterhorn does a change in the XML feed, for that particular product. The following product information is automatically updated:

  • B2B price
  • Price
  • Category
  • Images
  • Title
  • Description
  • Stock

Are you planning to change the product information such as title, description, images and category? Then you can enable the option – within the plugin settings – to not update that information automatically from the XML feed. To prevent that your changes will be overwritten.

Yes, you can sell the Matterhorn products to any marketplace you would like. Our plugin imports all the necessary data, such as EAN and SKU codes.


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