Garden furniture dropshipping: generate revenue from relaxation!

We all want nothing more than to enjoy our garden (or balcony) year-round. From cozy summer barbecues to snug winter evenings by the fire pit, the garden is an essential part of that ‘homey’ feeling. And you guessed it, there are opportunities for you as an entrepreneur! With your garden furniture dropshipping business, you can bring the latest outdoor trends right to the front and back doors.

Why start a dropshipping garden furniture webshop?

From flower pots and garden gnomes to lawnmowers, the 'garden items' category offers numerous niches for you to specialize in.

We always seek the holiday feeling at home and in our gardens. It's good for the wallet and eliminates travel time. That's why we're willing to invest significantly in a new lounge set, ensuring years of enjoyment.

Of course, there are large garden centers, but most people first seek inspiration online. Make it even easier for them by delivering their mood board to their door with just a click.

Ready for that booming (dropshipping) business?

Got it. So, how do you start your dropshipping garden furniture business? Basically, there are three important steps:

1. Choose your niche

Choosing a business model or niche is where it all begins. As you explore, carefully consider which items sell well, where you can earn a good margin, and what fits within your budget. But that’s not new information for you, because you already know you’re going to sell garden furniture!

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2. Choose the best garden furniture supplier for your business

Product? Check. The next step is finding a reliable dropshipping partner. It’s important to thoroughly research various suppliers. You don’t want customers tugging at your sleeve because they’re experiencing issues with deliveries or damaged products.

So, be thorough in your search for the right garden furniture supplier. For example, we recommend BigBuy and VidaXL as good partners for your garden furniture dropshipping business.

3. Build your dropship webshop

Starting your own garden furniture dropshipping business without a webshop will be challenging. The choice of the best webshop platform depends on your knowledge, budget, and business plan. Be critical and conduct research to determine which platform aligns best with your business goals.

For instance, if you’re looking for a user-friendly and flexible platform to start quickly, we recommend starting with WooCommerce (WordPress).

Interested in learning more about what to consider when starting your own dropshipping garden furniture store? Read our blog: How to start a dropshipping webshop?


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Trends in your own garden (or on your balcony)

These top items are essential in our gardens now. Quickly add them to your dropshipping garden furniture webshop!

popular garden products to dropship
best dropship suppliers for garden furntiture

Stop the search, we'll help you find the best garden furniture supplier.

The plan is there. But how do you ensure you have the right quantity, the best quality, and the assortment that fits your webshop? As mentioned earlier, you need to engage a supplier for that. Our advice when it comes to finding a suitable garden furniture supplier?

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Your garden furniture webshop ensures that customers prefer nothing more than being at home on warm spring and summer days. A dropshipping partner that can help you with that? BigBuy! With multiple awards to their name and over 20,000 items, you’ll find the perfect assortment for your business here.

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Let’s list the benefits of BigBuy:

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Barbecuing with friends in the garden or enjoying the morning sun from that lovely lounge set on your balcony. VidaXL can help with that! With over 90,000 trendy, durable, and handmade items for home and garden, VidaXL ensures that you can assemble the perfect assortment for your garden furniture dropshipping webshop.

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Let’s list the benefits of VidaXL:

Import VidaXL products fast
Automate your WooCommerce dropshipping store with BigBuy Woosa plugin

Convinced? Then it’s time to link your dropshipping garden furniture business to your supplier.

There are two options for that:

  1. You can choose to create an account with your partners and manually transfer all the necessary information from VidaXL and BigBuy to your webshop.

  2. Or you can use a plugin that automatically handles that for you. Like our BigBuy or VidaXL WooCommerce plugin.

Garden products from VidaXL or BigBuy to your webshop? That’s easily done!

Integrate WooCommerce with your garden furniture dropshipping webshop in no time.

Woosa develops plugins for online entrepreneurs who want to automate their (dropshipping) processes. We develop and improve the technology that quickly links your business to your favorite furniture dropshipping supplier. Fast, easy, and without manual hassle. This allows you to focus on what really matters: entrepreneurship.