Nowadays you can easily start your own e-commerce store and become an online entrepreneur. Build a webshop with WooCommerce, add products via a Dropshipping a supplier and publish the products on a Marketplace. Easy and focused on generating revenue on short notice.

Dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce

Woosa offers Dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce, with European Dropshipping suppliers such as vidaXL, BigBuy, Matterhorn Moda and more.

The benefits of a European Dropshipping supplier are enormous:

✔ Fast delivery in Europe (2-3 business days is common).
✔ High quality products
✔ Comply with European legislation
✔ Easy communication in English

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Marketplace plugins for WooCommerce

Having products imported to your WooCommerce store is one thing. However, generating sales is where it becomes fun.

When starting a new Dropshipping store with WooCommerce, you won’t have visitors to your webshop. To get visitors you have a couple of options:

✔ Apply SEO strategies
✔ Run advertising campaigns
✔ Start affiliate and influencer collaborations

Unfortunately those options are either focused on long term or need a dedicated budget for it. I can imagine as a starting entrepreneur, you want to safe money instead of spending it like crazy.

Sell your products via Marketplaces! Why?

✔ No upfront costs, only pay a commission per sale
✔ Immediate access to millions of visitors
✔ Helpful with realizing brand awareness


Yes, besides having premium and paid WooCommerce plugins, we also offer a wide range of free plugins for WordPress. For example: Adyen for WooCommerce, Sir Filiate and Shops United.

Woosa has developed one of the best dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce. We offer a dedicated, high quality and stable plugin for the following dropshipping suppliers: vidaXL, BigBuy, Matterhorn Moda and Van der Meer for WordPress and WooCommerce.

There are multiple payment gateway plugins for WooCommerce, which support a wide-range of payment methods supported by multiple countries. Woosa has developed in collaboration the Adyen WooCommerce payment gateway. You can also check alternatives to Adyen as a payment gateway for WordPress.

Once you have purchased a plan at Woosa, you can download our plugin in a ZIP file. This ZIP file can be uploaded within your WordPress backend, so that you are able to activate the plugin and make use of it. Read here how you can install a WordPress plugin as a ZIP file.

Depending on to which market you would like to sell your products, you can choose a marketplace which suits you best.

Netherlands & Belgium:, Marktplaats Pro, 2dehands
Europe: eBay

We have a Support Center with articles, manuals and video tutorials, that takes you by the hand and guides you through all the steps you need to take to configure your Woosa plugin(s).

Yes, as a customer of Woosa you are entitled to unlimited plugin support. We will solve your issues and answer all your questions via phone, email or live chat. Submit your ticket here.