Dropshipping sunglasses? Sounds great!

Absolutely, the sun shines in your country too. Not only that, nowadays sunglasses are also an essential fashion statement. Major designers and local brands come up with new sleek designs every year in all shapes imaginable.

And as an entrepreneur, you know exactly what to do with that. Generate sales

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Why a Sunglasses Dropshipping store?

A clear target audience

Selling sunglasses means targeting a clear audience, which makes marketing activities such as advertising much simpler.

A vast selection

With a sunglasses dropshipping business, you can choose between hundreds of brands and styles within one product category. Plenty for a wide range or a specific niche.

Sunglasses are timeless

Sunglasses are timeless. We gebruiken ze het hele jaar door om verschillende redenen. Dat betekent dus gegarandeerd omzet!

This is how you start a booming (dropshipping) business!

Are you ready for a sunglasses dropshipping business? Let’s go. In essence, there are three crucial steps..

1. Choose a niche

Choosing a business model or niche is where it all begins. You’re looking for something that sells well, offers a good margin, and fits within your budget. Those are quite a few factors to consider. Fortunately, you’ve already thought extensively about it, because you’re going to sell sunglasses!


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2. Choos a reliable sunglasses supplier for dropshipping

Got your product? Check. The next step is finding a reliable dropshipping partner. It’s important to thoroughly research different suppliers. You don’t want customers coming to you with complaints about delivery issues or damaged products. So, be thorough in your search for the right partner for your business. For instance, we recommend BigBuy as a good supplier of sunglasses. 

3. Build your webshop

Starting your sunglasses dropshipping business without a webshop will be difficult. The best webshop platform for you depends on your knowledge, budget, and business plan. In short, do your research well.

If it’s all new to you and you’re looking for a user-friendly and flexible platform to start quickly, we recommend starting with WooCommerce (WordPress).

And if you’d like a bit more guidance, take a look at our blog: How to Start a Dropshipping Webshop? Here, we’ll guide you step by step through everything you need to consider when setting up your own dropshipping webshop.

Need some inspiration? These sunglasses sell like crazy!

You have to start somewhere. Why not start right away with sunglasses that customers truly shine with?

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The best dropshipping suppliers voor your webshop

Selling sunglasses, got it. But how do you get the right quantity, the best quality, and the assortment that fits your webshop?

As we discussed earlier, you enlist a supplier for that. Our advice for your sunglasses dropshipping business? 👇

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BigBuy has been a well-known name in the dropshipping world for years. They have won multiple awards and offer a huge assortment with over 20,000 items. You guessed it, they also offer sunglasses among their products.

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Let’s list the benefits of BigBuy

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Automate your WooCommerce dropshipping store with BigBuy Woosa plugin

How do you connect your sunglasses dropshipping business to BigBuy?

There are two options for that.

  1. You can choose to create an account with BigBuy and manually transfer all the necessary information from BigBuy to your webshop.

  2. Or you can use a plugin that handles that automatically for you. Like our BigBuy WooCommerce plugin.

Import sunglasses to BigBuy with just one click

Dropshipping sunglasses with WooCommerce has never been easier!

Woosa develops plugins for online entrepreneurs who want to automate their (dropshipping) processes. We develop and improve the technology that seamlessly connects your business to various dropshipping suppliers in no time. Fast, simple, and without manual hassle. This allows you to focus on what really matters: entrepreneurship.