Delight customers with stylish homes? Dropship home accessories!

Let’s be honest, making your house a home is all about the details. That perfect Japandi ceiling lamp and soft velvet sofa you bought because apparently cats don’t claw at them exude something: personality.

And all those coveted styles, shapes, and colors are not something you, as an entrepreneur, would want to miss out on. In fact, you’d almost be crazy not to start a dropshipping home accessories business!

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Why make dropshipping home accessories your business?

Home accessories are beloved worldwide and accessible to purchase. The threshold to buy a beautiful vase or candlestick isn't very high. That sounds like easy revenue!

Vases, decorative cushions, wall decor, and more. There are countless product categories to choose from. Perfect if you're aiming for a wide range, but also if you want to focus on one style.

If we are to believe Google Trends, then we certainly love a personal touch in our homes. The search term 'home accessories' has remained fairly stable in the Netherlands over the past 5 years. So, it's a perfect market to tap into.

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Ready for that booming (dropshipping) business?

Clear. So, how do you start your dropshipping home accessories business? Basically, there are three important steps:

1. Choose your niche

Choosing a business model or niche is where it all begins. You’re looking for something that sells well, earns you a good margin, and fits within your budget. Those are quite a few factors to consider. You’ve already made up your mind, because you’re going to sell home accessories!

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2. Choose the best dropshipping suppliers for home accessories

Product? Check. The next step is finding a reliable dropshipping partner. It’s important to thoroughly research different suppliers. You don’t want customers pulling at your sleeve because they’re experiencing issues with deliveries or damaged products. So, be thorough in your search for the right partner for your business. For example, we recommend VidaXL as one of the best dropshipping suppliers for home accessories.

3. Build your dropshipping webshop

Starting your own dropshipping home accessories business without a webshop will be difficult. The best webshop platform for you depends on your knowledge, budget, and business plan. Each platform works a bit differently, so be sure to research what fits your workflow best.

For example, if you’re looking for a user-friendly and flexible platform to quickly get started, we recommend starting with WooCommerce (WordPress).

Want to know more about what to consider when starting your own dropship home accessories store? We explain it step by step in our blog: How to Start a Dropshipping Webshop?

Interior trends that are unstoppable!

Make your webshop irresistible with these bestselling dropship home accessories.

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Need a home accessories dropshipping suppliers? We know the best!

The plan is there. But how do you get the right quantity, the best quality, and the assortment that suits your webshop? As we mentioned earlier, you need to engage a supplier for that. Our advice when it comes to suitable dropshipping suppliers for home accessories?

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When it comes to dropshipping suppliers for home accessories, VidaXL is the online retailer for your webshop. Whether you prefer Scandinavian minimalism or a more eclectic interior, VidaXL offers over 90,000 trendy, sustainable, and handmade items for home and garden. Plenty of choices to make your dropship home accessories store an on-trend success!

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Let’s list the benefits of working with VidaXL:

More sales with VidaXL WooCommerce plugin
Automate your WooCommerce dropshipping store with BigBuy Woosa plugin

Sounds good! But how do you connect your webshop to a VidaXL?

There are two options for that:

  1. You can choose to create an account with your partners and manually transfer all the necessary information from VidaXL and BigBuy to your webshop.

  2. Or you can use a plugin that automatically handles that for you. Like our BigBuy or VidaXL WooCommerce plugin.

Import home accessories via VidaXL with the push of a button.

Dropshipping home accessories with WooCommerce has never been easier!

Woosa develops plugins for online entrepreneurs looking to automate their (dropshipping) processes. We develop and enhance the technology that quickly connects your business to various dropshipping home accessories suppliers. Fast, simple, and without manual fuss. This way, you can focus on what really matters: entrepreneurship.