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12 Best WooCommerce Tools in 2023 (FREE+PAID)

Best WooCommerce Tools free and paid

Do you want to manage your WooCommerce store more efficiently? Are you looking for automated dropshipping WooCommerce tools? Would you like to list the products from your WooCommerce store on popular marketplaces? Whatever your reasons, using WooCommerce Tools can help you get the most out of your online business. Both free and paid WooCommerce Tools […]

Do you want to manage your WooCommerce store more efficiently? Are you looking for automated dropshipping WooCommerce tools? Would you like to list the products from your WooCommerce store on popular marketplaces? Whatever your reasons, using WooCommerce Tools can help you get the most out of your online business.

Both free and paid WooCommerce Tools can help you manage your webstore more efficiently. In this article we give you a list of the 14 best WooCommerce Tools in 2023.

Best WooCommerce tools

WordPress WooCommerce has long been essential for anyone looking to build a webstore and online business. WooCommerce tools have been designed and developed to be easily added to your WordPress WooCommerce store. There is no need to have programming knowledge. WooCommerce plugins are incredibly easy to use and offer an eCommerce business:

  • affiliate marketing features
  • hundreds of extensions
  • payment gateways
  • automation
  • community and support
  • customization and integration

As the eCommerce world has become more and more accessible, WooCommerce tools are constantly being developed to keep up with demand, and there are now many free and paid options to choose from. The best WooCommerce tools that help you to manage:

  • products and categories
  • orders and shipping
  • customers and orders
  • margins, prices, and taxes
  • inventory
  • orders and sales
  • products, descriptions, images
  • reviews and ratings

Free WooCommerce tools

The popular eCommerce plugin ‘WooCommerce’ allows you to create and manage your webstore with a wide range of features, including custom checkout, shipping, payment processing, etc.

If you’re looking for more advanced WooCommerce tools to add to your store, we recommend checking out our list below of the best WooCommerce plugins. This list includes tools to help you manage your store more efficiently, customize your WooCommerce experience, and grow your business.

If you’re new to WooCommerce, we recommend checking out the Woosa blog post ‘What is WooCommerce? The Best eCommerce Platform in 2023’.

1. Shops United WooCommerce plugin

The Shops United WooCommerce plugin is a beneficial tool for any online store, giving you access to profitable shipping rates within Europe. Shops United supports widely used shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, PostNL, and DHL.

This free WooCommerce plugin is especially beneficial for new and smaller webshops, who are looking  for profitable shipping rates at a lower volume of transactions. It allows you to easily generate and print the shipping label from within WooCommerce.

2. Adyen WooCommerce plugin

The Adyen WooCommerce plugin is a must-have for any webstore in today’s market. It allows you to easily add payment processing to your WooCommerce store, making it easier for customers to buy and pay for products and services safely and securely.

The plugin can be installed in minutes. Once installed, you can start adding payment processing to your WooCommerce store. The plugin supports a range of payment processors, including PayPal and Stripe, and lets customers pay from wherever they are located.

WooCommerce multichannel selling tools

As you scale your eCommerce business, switching to a multichannel selling tool may become necessary for growth. WooCommerce multichannel selling tools allow you to sell products through multiple channels, helping you reach a wider audience and increase your sales. These tools are also a great way to reach a broader international audience.

3. eBay WooCommerce plugin

eBay WooCommerce Tool is a powerful plugin that helps you to manage your eBay store from within your WordPress website. It includes features such as:

  • auction management
  • integration tools
  • automatic product updates
  • product management

Woosa has just released the new eBay plugin. If you need some help getting started, check out our blog, How to Sell on eBay with WooCommerce eBay Integration.

4. Bol WooCommerce plugin

Bol is a WooCommerce plugin that gives you access to the largest marketplace in the Netherlands and Belgium: bol.com. This multichannel plugin allows you to sell your products on bol.com by automatically synchronizing product and order information, saving you time and money.

Some of the benefits of using a WooCommerce multichannel selling tool like this include the following:

  • streamlined pricing
  • real-time stock and inventory updates
  • order processing from multiple channels
  • content synchronization

5. Marktplaats WooCommerce plugin

Marktplaats is the Dutch word for “marketplace.” And marktplaats.nl is a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell a varied selection of products. Marktplaats is one of the largest and most famous eCommerce platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium, allowing you to reach more than 7.3 million monthly visitors.

The Marktplaats WooCommerce Plugin allows you to connect your webshop to the Marktplaats platform. Marktplaats has a pay-per-click business model, meaning when visitors click on one of your ads you pay for each click.

With Woosa, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial period of the Marktplaats WooCommerce plugin.

6. Kaufland WooCommerce plugin

The Kaufland WooCommerce Plugin is a must-have for any online store that sells products on the Kaufland marketplace in Germany, which has more than 19 million visitors a month.

Woosa has developed the Kaufland.de WooCommerce plugin to enable you to synchronise product data, including price and stock level completely automatically, saving you a lot of manual work. The plugin is easy to use, and it comes with helpful features. For example, you can easily add products for multichannel selling and manage all your stock and sales efficiently.

7. 2dehands Woocommerce plugin

2dehands is the biggest and best classifieds site in Belgium and offers a WooCommerce plugin to manage your eCommerce business effectively, automating everything.

2dehands enables consumers to sell their products online and lets you, as a business owner, place ads through the Admarkt, allowing you to reach millions of potential customers every month.

Dropshipping tools for woocommerce


8. Aliexpress dropshipping plugin

If you’re interested in dropshipping with AliExpress, you may want to consider using a plugin that’s designed to work with WooCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. Our plugin can be used in your WooCommerce store, to connect your store to AliExpress, and easily set up a dropshipping store.

Do you want to start dropshipping through your WooCommerce store? Have a look at our AliExpress dropshipping plugin.

9. BigBuy dropshipping plugin

The BigBuy WooCommerce Plugin is a must-have for any online store selling bulk products and for automating your dropshipping webshop. BigBuy is one of Europe’s most popular dropshipping suppliers, selling more than 50,000 products.

The plugin allows you to easily manage your orders, track your inventory, and receive notifications when your products are ready to ship. Additionally, the plugin provides you with customizable order forms and white-label shipping options.

10. VidaXL dropshipping plugin

The VidaXL WooCommerce Plugin is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin allowing you to start a dropshipping business selling VidaXL products. VidaXL is a dropshipping supplier enabling you to access over 30,000 products and sell to customers across Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Utilize the Woosa VidXL dropshipping WooCommerce plugin to automate and organize your entire dropshipping process, giving you time to focus on other important aspects of growing your business.

11. Van der Meer dropshipping plugin

The Van der Meer WooCommerce Plugin is a must-have for any dropshipping business specializing in the pet supplies category, with over 30,000 animal-related products. Some of the best features of the Van der Meer WooCommerce Plugin are the easy importing of products, real-time updates, and automatic order processing.

Do you want to automate your animal and pet supply-related dropshipping business? Check out the Woosa Van der Meer WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce filtering tools

12. SpeedSearch

SpeedSearch is an effective search plugin for WooCommerce, enabling your webshop visitors to search across all products, searching in title, content, excerpt, categories, tags, ID, etc. in your WooCommerce store.

SpeedSearch also enables you to use shortcodes and widgets to customize search boxes as you like, giving your customers the best filtering options. Search results with SpeedSearch include product image and price.


Each of the best tools for WooCommerce mentioned above has its specific features and benefits for an eCommerce business. When choosing what plugins can best help you grow your webstore or online business, evaluate what is most important to your business.

When choosing tools for WooCommerce stores, ask yourself a few questions to help you decide which is right for your business. What features do I need? How easy is this WooCommerce tool to use? Is this WooCommerce tool affordable? Is this WooCommerce tool supported?

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