MAFIN Business Solutions! Provides its customers with a total package. We are a platform with passionate and specialized freelancers, who all give substance to offer you as a customer a total package.

MAFIN was founded by Marco Fintelman, former CEO of Mardo Media BV. Marco has also been a passionate entrepreneur and achieved great success with his method in the Sim-racing industry. He competed against the big boys such as CoolBlue Bol.com and Alternate. With his company he managed to be the number 1 in this industry and still placed himself with sales results for Bol.com and Coolblue. Marco has stopped the activities of Mardo Media and will now tell you the ins and outs of how you can quickly and successfully start an online Website and / or webshop.

This gave us the idea to now merge and share our knowledge, skills and experiences with you. This way you are prepared for success. In a consultant we explain the pitfalls but also the successes you can achieve with your company.

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Starting at €75,- per hour


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