Red Factory is a full-service web design and development agency. Since 2010 they have been fully specialized in WordPress and help you with e-commerce, landing pages, intranets, system integrations and more.

They have already been able to carry out beautiful projects for many customers. For some customers, the emphasis is strongly on the unique design, while for others it is mainly about solving a complex technical problem.

There is a solution for every problem

They understand that it is difficult to express your wishes technically from a different expertise. Too often and too quickly IT projects are started on badly formulated requirements.
By looking at the problem creatively, understanding what story you want to tell and by involving your users in the preliminary process, Red Factory comes to the best solution.

Taking big steps in small steps

Developing a product for a large group of users, in a market that is constantly changing and where user wishes change as the product progresses? Their sprint method fits in flawlessly with this. In short development cycles, they deliver a new working piece of functionality after each cycle. What they develop may depend on the input of the end users. Together with your company and the end users, they define, analyze and prioritize the wishes.

Red Factory solves your problems

Do you have a problem for which you are looking for an online solution?
Please contact Red Factory, they are happy to think along with you and who knows, you may soon start a project together!


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WordPress maintenance

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Website opitmization

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Website Kickstart starting from €1699,99 

Webshop Kickstart (with Woosa) starting from €3399,99 

Website maintenance starting from €85,00 per month

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