Amazon WooCommerce plugin

Amazon is coming to the Netherlands. Do you also want to sell your products via Amazon, register now!

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Amazon WooCommerce plugin for WordPress

Connect your webshop to Amazon with our WooCommerce plugin

Amazon is coming to the Netherlands! Be one of the first to sell its products through Amazon and achieve more sales with your WooCommerce webshop.

Publish, change or delete products on Amazon

The Amazon WooCommerce plugin allows you to publish, change or delete WooCommerce products on Amazon. Everything is possible:

  • No action, nothing is done with the WooCommerce product
  • Publish, publish the WooCommerce product on Amazon
  • Delete, delete the product for sale from Amazon

Based on an EAN code, the product is recognized on Amazon and you can start selling it. Reach millions of visitors every month, because the world’s largest online retailer is coming to the Netherlands.

Amazon orders automatically imported into WooCommerce

Don’t miss an order from Amazon anymore. All orders are loaded into your usual WooCommerce order overview. You can recognize Amazon orders by the check mark, which makes it easy to distinguish between the processing of an Amazon or WooCommerce order.

Main plugin functionalities

  • The EAN code is automatically recognized via the SKU, product property or a Custom Field
  • Bulk publication of Amazon products
  • Placing your products of your choice on Amazon
  • Orders are automatically added to your WooCommerce webshop from Amazon
  • You can determine your own selling price

Why sell through Amazon?

That’s a no-brainer to me? Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Now that this online retailer is coming to the Netherlands, it is worth trying to achieve more turnover by using their marketplace.

The Amazon WooCommerce plugin is also available for all countries.

Start with the Amazon WooCommerce plugin?

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Amazon WooCommerce plugin

Amazon is coming to the Netherlands. Do you also want to sell your products via Amazon, register now!

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