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Do you have multiple accounts? Then you can use this addon to add multiple accounts.

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Activate multiple accounts in WooCommerce

Do you have multiple accounts for eg the Netherlands and Belgium, but 1 WooCommerce webshop. Are you already using our WooCommerce plugin? Then you can easily add multiple (max. 5 accounts) with this addon.

Easily add multiple accounts

Each account has its own settings, so you can use different methods per account in a WooCommerce webshop:

  • Client ID, necessary to make the connection with
  • Client Secret, necessary to make the connection with
  • Publish products, yes or no
  • Importeer orders, yes or no
  • Import invoices, yes or no
  • Import returns, yes or no
  • Display commission, yes or no
  • Excl. VAT, yes or no

Choose which product should be sold through which account

Per account zie je eventuele verlagingen van de commissie of fouten bij het publiceren van producten op het betreffende account. Op die manier heb je een duidelijk overzicht.

Important plugin features

  • Automatically recognize EAN code via the SKU, product attribute or a Custom Field
  • Bulk edit / publication of products
  • feedback on the commission cut
  • Placing your products of choice on
  • Automatically adding orders to your WooCommerce webshop from
  • You can determine your own sales price and shipping costs
  • Automatic return via
  • 2-way synchronization between WooCommerce and
  • Fully integrated with the latest API version 3.0 from

Woosa is a plugin partner of

We are proud to be recommended by as a plugin partner for WooCommerce and integration. As a result, we are always aware of the latest developments and can provide better support. You can read more about this on the partnersite of

Why sell via

Today millions of Dutch and Belgians shop at They can choose from items within more than 20 product categories. also helps thousands of entrepreneurs to sell online through our store. has long since ceased to fit in that portababin – with hundreds of employees – and has grown from an online bookstore to a store where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

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Do you have multiple accounts? Then you can use this addon to add multiple accounts.

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