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CDON is the biggest marketplace in the Nordics. Their catalog is growing everyday in the categories sports, fashion, media, electronics, food and many more. The ambition of CDON is to offer the best products for the best price. At this moment CDON has over 6,000 sellers. They have over 1 million visitors each month.

The challenge of having a WooCommerce webshop and an account at the CDON marketplace, is keeping track of orders, stock amounts and prices. With our CDON WooCommerce plugin you can automate this entire process and focus on the important part of having a business: making sales!

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See what our clients say

Joost Tendeloo

We have been working with Woosa for a while now. If you ask me, we have a very good cooperation and always good contact. Personal and helpful with a lot of decisiveness. A very good combination which makes Woosa a very good company!

Isidoro Vabres

I tried the vidaXL plugin and found it excellent and very useful and comfortable for those who have to manage and resell a vast catalog of vidaXL products.It saves you time thanks to the continuous updating of products especially on quantities. It’s all automated.I also found the assistance very helpful and quick in replying to my emails!I highly recommend it!

Johan Janssens

We were very pleased with Woosa. Especially their support. Always ready to help and search for a solution. I recommend Woosa !!


Does the plugin synchronize both ways?

For us, WooCommerce is leading. Which means all the product information, such as: stock amount, price etc. should be available within WooCommerce.

However there is one parameter who should be synchronized in both ways: stock amount. The stock amount will be realtime updated in the following cases:

  • When there is an CDON order
  • When there is a WooCommerce order
  • When the stock amount changes in WooCommerce
I am working with a different tool at the moment. Can I easily transfer to Woosa?

Yes, it shouldn’t be a hassle at all to transfer to Woosa. However you should take a couple of things into consideration:

  • Do you have the GTIN code (or EAN) available within WooCommerce?
  • Is WooCommerce leading concerning the stock amount?
  • Are all products already existing in WooCommerce?

Can you answer yes to all questions above? Then you’re ready to transfer to Woosa!

In which countries can I sell with CDON?

Our CDON WooCommerce plugin is developed for the Scandinavian market. This means with this plugin you can sell within the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Does the plugin work together with an existing CDON seller account?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if your CDON seller account already exists and has some data. Products will be recognized and connected based on the SKU within CDON. The SKU within the WooCommerce product should be exactly the same, to be recognized.

Are orders handled automatically from WooCommerce to CDON?

With our CDON WooCommerce plugin CDON orders are automatically imported into WooCommerce. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  • You can export your own shipping labels easily within WooCommerce.
  • If you have accountancy software connected to your webshop, CDON orders will be also synced.
  • You have an overview of the total orders for both WooCommerce and CDON.

When you receive an CDON order within your WooCommerce webshop, there are a couple of things you need to do.

  • Ship the products within that order.
  • Complete the order at CDON by submitting a track & trace code.

Unfortunately we don’t automate the process to submit the track & trace if you use your own shipping labels.

If you want this process to be automated, we suggest you to add this to our CDON roadmap: click to view & vote.