5 best dropshipping pet supplies platforms in 2023

Best dropshipping pet supplies platforms

Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular. It is one of the easiest business models to start. Yet, enough knowledge and patience are needed to find a good dropshipping niche. Dropshipping pet niche may not be the first thing you think of when considering starting dropshipping. However, this niche shows up at the top the lists of the most popular niches. If you want to achieve success within the niche, it is important to choose the right dropshipping pet supplies platform.

In this blog, you will discover the 5 best dropshipping pet supplies platforms.

Best dropshipping pet supplies platforms

1. VidaXL

VidaXL is an international online retailer, represented in 29 European countries, Australia and the United States. VidaXL has been offering dropshipping options since 2017.

Through the unique assortment with a wide range of products in categories such as home & garden, hardware and pet products, the opportunities for sellers are vast.

With VidaXL you can easily add products to your marketplace yourself. You determine the price and profit yourself. The online retailer sends the products directly to your end customer, arranges returns and advises you about customer support.


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2. Bigbuy

Bigbuy is an online wholesaler offering full-service marketplace operations. It differentiates itself from the rest by offering an all-in-one solution for technology, catalogues, logistics services and e-commerce operations.

The marketplace offers thousands of products in various product categories, including pet products. Bigbuy offers these products through a dropshipping service, among other things.

Bigbuy has a network of customers selling in Europe and other parts of the world. These retailers buy on the platform from the wholesaler, that has over two hundred thousand items and five thousand brands, to replenish the shops’ stock and sell online to the end consumer.

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3. Vandermeer

With over nine thousand items, Vandermeer has become one of the largest Cash & Carry wholesalers in pet products.

Vandermeer has a clear mission statement that goes to the heart of what it stands for as a dropshipping platform: ‘Own a happy pet’. Everything Vandermeer does, releases and develops is driven by this.

Are you looking for pet dropshipping suppliers? Don’t look any further! Working with Vandermeer means always having the latest trends as well as new products that meet high quality standards. The brand and distribution brands are strong. In short: a perfect pet supplies wholesaler to work with.

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4. Amazon

Amazon is an American e-commerce company and the largest internet retailer in the world in terms of sales. Amazon has independent websites for many of the markets in which it operates around the world. This allows Amazon to offer specific products from each participating country.

It started with films, games, software and toys in the 1990s. Today, you can find some 400 million different products in the online shop, including pet products.

Besides dropshipping opportunities, Amazon offers other services, such as its video streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, the e-book shop, Kindle, and film company, Amazon Studios.


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5. AliExpress

It is one of the best-known addresses within the dropship world and is fast becoming the world’s biggest internet retailer: AliExpress. It is a B2B e-commerce retail giant for Chinese individuals or small businesses to sell their products to foreign consumers. More and more sellers are finding their way to this enormously wide and very cheap range of products.

AliExpress is especially popular among individuals because they can buy loose products there. Among these loose products, AliExpress carries a wide range of pet supplies, from health products to pets toys.


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FAQs dropshipping dropshipping pet supplies platforms

What is a dropshipping platform?

A dropshipping platform is your own webshop or online sales platform from which you sell your own products.

Is dropshipping pet items a profitable niche?

Dropshipping pet products is hugely profitable. Globally, millions of households have a pet. Research shows that demand for pets has been steadily growing over the past five years. People like to buy functional and fun pet supplies for their pets. So it is a niche in which you can successfully reach a specific target group and remain profitable over the years.

Is finding a platform for dropshipping pet products difficult?

Finding a wholesale animal supplies dropshipper can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Looking at terms and conditions, product margins and shipping costs will help you select the right wholesaler. Want to dropship pet products? With a plugin from Woosa.com, you can very easily start your dropshipping business and integrate your shop with wholesalers and marketplaces.

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