Top 10 Dropshipping Products to Sell Online in 2023

Top dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Dropshipping continues to gain popularity and is no longer unknown territory for increasingly more entrepreneurs. Technology and digitalisation have accelerated in recent years, which challenges entrepreneurs to keep innovating. Dropshipping offers a great solution for this. Dropshipping can be done anywhere, has few risks and allows entrepreneurs to easily expand their product range with good items to dropship.

In this blog, you will discover the 10 best dropshipping products to sell online and how to find them, but if you still need to start your shop, read our guide and learn how to start a dropshipping online business.

How to find the best items to dropship?

As a dropshipping business, it is important that you pay attention to a number of points when you are choosing the best dropshipping products.

The basic rules for finding the best dropshipping products are to find a niche with low competition and high search volume, as well as popular dropshipping products with a high profit margin that are trending.

Check here the best niches for dropshipping that are the most profitable.

If you sell branded or well-known products, you risk competing on prices with other online stores that possibly have the same products but are much cheaper and monopolize all the customers. It can be a mistake to choose to sell these types of products due to the great competition.

What makes a trending product good for dropshipping?

To narrow your search for potential dropshipping products, consider the following criteria:
  • It adjusts to your interests. Being passionate about the products you intend to sell can make it easier to market them. You will have a greater appreciation for the article, and it will be easier for you to connect with customers.
  • It has brand potential. What you sell will determine the marketing strategies you adopt to promote your products. You must tell a meaningful story with your product(s) to connect your brand with the audience.
  • Solve a common problem. Many popular products are easy to market because they are useful and make people’s lives easier.
  • Hard to find. Selling a product unavailable in the local market or other online stores can arouse excitement and curiosity. Also, there will be less competition.
  • Generate benefits. What you earn from the item’s sale should cover overhead and provide a substantial income.

Furthermore, check whether the product is of good quality, not too expensive, if import duties apply, what service will have to be provided, what are the return rights and delivery times.

And one more tip to help you find popular dropshipping products: on the websites of almost all online wholesalers you can find data about the products that are sold the most. Make use of this and see which products are in demand.

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Best products for dropshipping

Best products for dropshipping

Now that you know how to find the best dropshipping products, we have made a list for you of the ten best dropshipping products.

1. Wireless chargers

These days, wireless phone chargers are springing up like mushrooms. No smartphone, smartwatch or earphone owner can do without a charger. Wireless chargers are gaining popularity as users can charge gadgets anywhere and anytime.

2. Animal supplies

The pet population continues to grow. Research shows that the demand for pets has been growing steadily over the past five years. People like to buy functional and fun pet supplies for their faithful housemate. From toys for dogs to hairbrushes for cats, it is a niche where you can successfully reach a specific target group with unique products.

3. Diet products

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of good health. Many people now participate in various different types of diet and are aware of associated trends. Try to capitalise on this by offering diet products.

4. Face masks

A medical device that has become part of everyday life since the corona crisis: the face mask. We have now got used to wearing them and people would rather have them in stock than be sold out the moment we need them again, en masse. This means that the list  of best dropshipping products would not be complete without face masks.

5. Sustainable products

Sustainability has been a major theme in recent years, both in people’s homes and within companies. People are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of sustainability on the environment and would like to do their bit by purchasing sustainable products. Respond to this need and choose dropship products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

6. Garden items

Garden products are hugely popular among online shoppers. Especially now that we enjoy warmer summers due to climate change, so people who don’t go on holiday want to transform their garden into a lovely holiday haven. Gardening products belong to a specific niche, which you can delineate well into subcategories.

7. Blankets

The blanket was already popular during the cold autumn and winter days. With energy prices continuing to rise and people choosing to turn the heating down or off, the blanket’s popularity is only increasing. A great opportunity to capitalise on this with your dropshipping products.

8. Massage cushions

Long working days in an office chair and stress: these are two common causes of pain in the neck, back and shoulder area. People want to relieve the pain and are looking en masse for massage cushions that you can easily use at home. An interesting niche market to target.

9. Innovative home accessories

People increasingly want to experience convenience and comfort. Humidifiers, robot lawn mowers and folding laundry baskets are examples of innovative products used in and around the home. This niche has a wide range of products, so the possibilities are enormous.

10. Film articles for social media

With more than one billion visitors worldwide, TikTok is currently the most popular social media channel for sharing videos. This gives you opportunities to capitalise on items TikTok users need when filming, such as tripods and lighting equipment.


We have briefly explained how to find the best dropshipping products and what the ten best dropshipping products are. Which products offer opportunities for your business depends, among other things, on your organisational goal, the different niches, the margins and popularity of the products as well as the supply and demand on the market.

If you want to start a profitable dropshipping business from home, WooCommerce is the best solution for a dropshipping platform. WooCommerce allows you to sell products in multiple environments around the world, is user-friendly, can work alongside your existing site and is cost-effective. With a plugin from, you can very easily start your dropshipping business and integrate your shop with wholesalers and marketplaces.

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