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10 Best Dropshipping WordPress Theme in 2023

Best Dropshipping WordPress Theme

Dropshipping business is gaining popularity all over the world. Doesn’t that sound like a temptation to make money selling someone else’s products? Submitting collections of items produced by other vendors allows you to earn reasonable amounts of money. However, competition in the industry is getting fiercer. The number of dropshipping companies is increasing daily. How […]

Dropshipping business is gaining popularity all over the world. Doesn’t that sound like a temptation to make money selling someone else’s products? Submitting collections of items produced by other vendors allows you to earn reasonable amounts of money. However, competition in the industry is getting fiercer.

The number of dropshipping companies is increasing daily. How can you get your audience’s attention? The answer is a start a dropshipping website!

Every company today needs to have an official website, one of the most effective marketing tools. A website allows you to promote your content and sell it for maximum income. Launching a website on your own is getting more accessible with the help of ready-made themes. These web solutions provide all the tools and elements needed to create any niche-specific web resource.

When creating a dropshipping business website, you need to use a powerful CMS like WordPress and a theme that can handle extensive product inventories; WordPress eCommerce themes are the best of their kind. With its help, you can create and manage your website without designers or developers. A large community of WordPress developers offers various layouts and plugins to suit any theme and demand.

Choosing the best dropshipping WordPress theme for your store is essential to stand out. So how do you get it right? What are the best solutions on the market? That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

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How to choose the best WordPress theme for dropshipping business?

How to choose the best WordPress theme for dropshipping business?

It would help if you considered many factors to make your website more attractive and usable. Below, you can find 6 essential elements that define the best woocommerce dropshipping theme.

1. Your WordPress eCommerce theme should be easy to install

Most newer WordPress themes include a 1-click installation feature. It allows you to automatically import all demo content to your website in just a few minutes. These themes also feature manual installation functionality. It may take longer. Web designers and developers should do this.

2. Advanced customization opportunities

When you create a site with a theme, you need to adjust it according to your personal preferences. Also, you want your website to be unique. That’s when you start customizing your pages and functionality. Many developers turn to page builders to spend less time on customization work. Modifying out-of-the-box designs is quick and easy as you work in intuitive drag-and-drop mode.

Working with a mobile-friendly and responsive eCommerce WordPress theme is essential.

3. Fast loading pages

Your website’s loading speed affects its usability and performance in search engines. A slow website irritates a user who is always in a hurry. You could lose positions in search results if your site doesn’t load quickly.

4. User experience matters too

Choose a visually stunning web theme that makes content easy to navigate. Your buyers should feel comfortable navigating your data. If they need several minutes to find the product category they need, they will go to a competitor’s website.

5. Support and updates

The web changes all the time. We are launching new technologies. To keep your site updated, ensure your theme has regular updates. It is also essential to always have a folder of detailed documentation on hand. Professional 24/7 technical support will be a big plus for your theme.


10 Best Dropshipping WordPress Theme

Now, let’s look at our handpicked selection of the best WooCommerce themes for dropshipping websites. All of them meet the mentioned criteria. You can be sure that they can become the solid foundation of your online business.


1) Astra – best WooCommerce dropshipping theme (Free)

Astra - best WooCommerce dropshipping theme

Astra is, for us, the best free dropshipping wordpress theme currently available. Although it is not only allowed to be used in online stores, it is impossible to remove its speed, simplicity, and optimization from an SEO point of view.

On the integration side, it perfectly meets the needs of a WooCommerce store. With Astra, visitors can access their cart anytime without refreshing or accessing a particular page.

On your side, you will be able to set up catalog pages in a simple way. Above all, you can set up a sort so that specific articles appear before others according to certain criteria.

Although Astra is a free WooCommerce theme, it is worth noting that there is also a paid version.

The latter will give you access to more features and customization options. Includes, for example, improved management of the basket, and the addition of an image gallery for each of your products (to show it from different angles).

The Pro version of Astra starts at $59. For more details on the set, we advise you to look at the official website WPAstra.com.

You may need a plugin for your dropshipping store. Have a look also to the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugin for WordPress.


2) OceanWP WordPress theme (Free)

OceanWP WordPress theme

Like Astra, OceanWP is a theme that adapts to all situations and, therefore, to use on WooCommerce for dropshipping. OceanWP has a reasonably impressive speed that only Astra can beat.

You can take advantage of attractive features by opting for it to make your online store even more beautiful.

Includes, for example, advanced management of filters on your catalog, a basket accessible at any time, a mini-basket on mobile, or even a quick overview of each product.

You can also rely on predefined templates to set up the design of your E-Commerce dropshipping site even more quickly.

And of course, OceanWP, via its free WooCommerce theme, supports page builders like Elementor and Divi so that you can push the customization even further!

One last thing. Like Astra, OceanWP is a paid version (available for $39). Do not hesitate to look at its site to see what it will offer you more.


3) Neve – Super fast WordPress theme (Free)

Neve - Super fast WordPress theme

Neve is a prevalent and highly downloaded theme among the WooCommerce community. Neve is available in a free version (although there is also a paid version from 59€).

This theme suitable for use on a WooCommerce store was developed by ThemeIsle, a reference in the field.

Currently, more than 100,000 sites use Neve. Opting for it gives you access to professional, free designs for any E-Commerce.

But that’s not all! The Neve WooCommerce theme is also optimized for SEO, is fast, regularly updated, and allows you to customize many aspects (including the footer and the header of your site).

That being said, for WooCommerce, we advise you to opt for the paid version of the Neve theme. Indeed, in the Pro version, you will have access to additional options and functions, which will allow you to improve your customers’ user experience when they browse your catalog, consult their baskets, or even finalize their orders.

The paid version of the Neve theme, including advanced options for WooCommerce, is available for 99€.


4. eStore WooCommerce theme (free or paid)

eStore WooCommerce theme

In our opinion, one of the best WooCommerce theme is eStore. The latter is available in a free basic version and a paid version, accessible for $69 per year. Creators of WooCommerce online stores particularly appreciate this theme because it displays a fairly traditional design, and above all, you can adapt it to all areas of activity.

You will have the possibility to choose between different colors but also other page models. With the eStore theme for WooCommerce, you can also add many widgets to add all the functionality you want to your store. This theme, of course, adapts to all the screens your visitors can navigate.

As for user opinions, know that this theme is almost unanimous. The average rating obtained by the latter is 4.5/5 (over 10,000 downloads), which is good. You will understand that with eStore, you are sure not to go wrong.


5. Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme (Paid)

Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

If performance is a priority for you, then know that you can turn to Porto. This WooCommerce theme is only available through a paid version ($59 per year), but it’s worth it. Indeed, this theme offers a trendy design but is also fully customizable.

In addition, Porto is very qualitative and offers many templates adapted to different areas like dropshipping. With Porto, you will also benefit from a simple and refined design interface based on the drag and drop system. This theme also allows you to integrate many plugins.

Also, regarding user reviews, this theme puts you in confidence. Of the more than 32,000 downloads for which it is the subject, Porto has an average rating of 4.92/5. This theme also has a very satisfying multilingual support to ensure you are never blocked. Porto is a complete and very qualitative theme for your dropshipping WooCommerce store.

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6) Flatsome – Responsive WooCommerce theme ideal for dropshipping business

Flatsome - Responsive WooCommerce theme ideal for dropshipping business

Flatsome is one of the best-paid WordPress dropshipping theme suitable for use on WooCommerce .

Its primary disadvantage lies in the fact that it is paid. As for the rest, it is simply impeccable.

According to Themeforest, it is currently the best-selling WooCommerce theme. It’s available as of this writing for $59 and includes support for six months and lifetime updates.

With the Flatsome theme, you can build custom menus, enjoy a speed and SEO-optimized theme, and customize every aspect of your E-Commerce store.

In addition, Flatsome will give you access to a fairly impressive library of templates. You will have access to several hundred models installed in one click.

We recommend you look at the Themeforest site and the page presenting the Flatsome theme. From there, you will be able to access all the templates that are included in the purchase price.


7) Storefront theme offered with WooCommerce (Free)

Storefront theme offered with WooCommerce

Storefront is the primary theme offered with WooCommerce. It is, therefore, a safe bet.

It is available free of charge and is flexible and intuitive. In total, more than 4,000,000 sites use the Storefront WooCommerce theme.

With it, you can design a platform that will allow you to increase your conversion rate. This involves sorting your products into categories, advanced basket management, etc.

If all the customization options available through Storefront’s free WooCommerce theme are not enough for you, know that an additional tools package is offered for $69.

We advise you to go directly to the official Storefront website to see what such a package can bring you.


8) Shoptimizer


Shoptimizer is, like all WooCommerce themes in our ranking, is one of the best WordPress theme for dropshipping market.

Now unlike Astra or OceanWP, it is not available for free. Shoptimizer is indeed offered from $49.

By opting for its theme, you will benefit from the excellent speed, optimized code for SEO, and above all, a design that will allow you to increase your conversion rate.

Shoptimizer will also support using Elementor, allowing you to customize your pages even more if you wish.

Otherwise, you can easily create and manage promotions, add notifications when a sale is made, or even an instant display of remaining stocks for your products.

To sum up, Shoptimizer is one of the complete WooCommerce themes. Do not hesitate to try its demo by going to the studio’s site that created it: Commercegurus.


9) Ultra – Designed for E-Commerce site

Ultra - Designed for E-Commerce site

Do you like what you see above? Themify offers an ultra theme. Ultra is available for $59 and is ideally suited for creating and designing an E-Commerce site.

You will have access to more than 60 different templates and demos for each of them. On top of that, once you purchase the WooCommerce Ultra theme, you will be offered several add-ons.

These will allow you to easily add progress bars, price tables, and a contact form.

Some addons do not seem very relevant to us, but it is always good to take. Otherwise, Ultra is optimized for SEO, supports more than 600 Google fonts, and offers automatic updates.

Want even more information about it? Take a look on the Themify site and search for “Ultra.”


10) ShopIsle


The last member of our ranking for the best woocommerce theme for dropshipping is ShopIsle Pro. As its name suggests, it was created by the famous site ThemeIsle.

Like all the templates we have presented to you so far, you can easily customize the ShopIsle theme.

Even more so, knowing that it perfectly integrates the best page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, or even Divi.

The disadvantage of ShopIsle is that it is paid. Now it also comes with several undeniable advantages.

You will be able to benefit from dedicated support in the event of a problem with your WooCommerce theme, benefit from regular updates, video tutorials, or even advanced menu management.

To conclude, it is worth noting that ThemeIsle themes (of which ShopIsle is a part) have convinced more than 450,000 users. As much to tell you that you will not walk in the unknown territory if you come to choose its paid WooCommerce theme.


Is WooCommerce good for dropshipping?

If many specialists recommend WordPress and WooCommerce for dropshipping, it is above all because WordPress is straightforward to use, and the WooCommerce plugins are easy to install! It costs absolutely nothing! Neither on purchase, subscription, nor transaction fees. So even if you know nothing about web development, you can start your adventure in dropshipping.

This is our pick for the best dropshipping WordPress theme. They all conform to the latest web design and development standards, look great on all devices and load quickly in all web browsing apps. Thanks to its integration with advanced customization options, you can launch a unique website while working with an already created theme.

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