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Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa: which one is better to sell on Bol.com?

Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa which one is better to sell on Bol.com

Bol.com offers 12 million products and has 15 million monthly visitors and over 50,000 sellers across the Netherlands and Belgium. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the two countries. Aside from being an online store, Bol.com helps independent webstores increase traffic and sales by allowing you to sell your own products […]

Bol.com offers 12 million products and has 15 million monthly visitors and over 50,000 sellers across the Netherlands and Belgium. It is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the two countries.

Aside from being an online store, Bol.com helps independent webstores increase traffic and sales by allowing you to sell your own products on the bol.com platform. When you want to start selling on Bol.com, it can be challenging to find and choose a WooCommerce plugin that is best to make the connection between your eCommerce store and the Bol.com platform.

WooCommerce plugin providers offer solutions that allow you to easily import and edit products to bol.com and to automate your webshop, and connect shipping. To make selecting a plugin a bit more straightforward for you, in this article, we highlight two well-known bol.com plugin providers: Bolfeed.nl and Woosa.

Keep reading to find out more about these two popular WooCommerce plugins, including some key features of each tool and why each tool can be beneficial for anyone selling on bol.com.

Introduction Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa

First, let’s take a look at some general info and background on both the Bolfeed.nl tool and the Woosa bol.com plugin for WooCommerce before looking at the main differences and features of each.



Bolfeed.nl is an eCommerce tool that allows you to automate and synchronize the online ordering process between bol.com and your online store. Aside from that, Bolfeed.nl offers a wide range of features for the full management of selling the products from your webstore on bol.com.

Bolfeed.nl has been around since 2018, offering customers, including retailers, brands, and distributors, the ability to sell products online on all types of marketplaces with many advanced functions and features.



As a specialist in WordPress, WooCommerce, and developing webshop plugins, Woosa offers multiple WooCommerce plugins with the goal of helping improve sales numbers and save both the sellers and customers valuable time. As an official partner of bol.com Woosa has one of the most elaborate bol.com plugins to start selling your products on bol.com. This WordPress and WooCommerce plugin provider’s focus is on dropshipping and marketplaces.

Some other things that set Woosa apart and some noteworthy features include:

  • Woosa provides a specialized plugin for bol.com.
  • Pricing updates are automatic, including price margins, adding delivery times, and shipping costs.
  • With Woosa, you pay a set amount and can publish/connect unlimited products.
  • The ability to add multiple webshop domains to bol.com.
  • Woosa also synchs the content (images, product descriptions, and product attributes), perfect for whitelabel products.
  • Connection to a personal helpdesk, not a solely email-based service.

Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa: how easy is the implementation

Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa how easy is the implementation

Getting started with Woosa is easy. After you create an account and choose a subscription plan, you select the bol.com plugin on your Woosa account page. From there, you also download your plugin and easily install it to your WordPress dashboard by uploading the plugin zip file.

Once you have activated your Woosa license key (by pasting the code into the settings tab of your plugin), you can start configuring the plugin to suit your particular webstore’s needs. If necessary, Woosa will help you with the installation of the plugin via telephone or E-mail/ ticket support or chat, but there is also an elaborate step-by-step manual.

The Bolfeed.nl implementation is equally straightforward. Once you have downloaded the Bolfeed.nl plugin, you can configure it according to your eCommerce store preferences and start automatically importing products. You can also import via an XML or CSV data feed. Basically, any webshop can be connected. If you run into any difficulty with implementation, the Bolfeed.nl support team offers to help you set up your account.

Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa: pricing

Both Bolfeed.nl and Woosa are reasonably priced and offer monthly or yearly signup options. Thankfully both Bolfeed.nl and Woosa offer access to a free trial account.

Bolfeed.nl offers a free trial but with limited features, for example only the product import can be tested, not order connection etc.

A standard Bolfeed.nl account costs €39 a month (supply link bol.com), an extensive account €89 per month (supply link, insight dashboard and order link bol.com), a complete €119 a month (usual features plus content tool and FVO shipping integration), and a managed account costs €369 per month (all features plus 30,000+ import items). Bolfeed.nl allows you to cancel or change your subscription at any time.

With Woosa,  you can open a free trial account for 14 days and test all features of the Woosa bol.com plugin, no limitations. After that, a Starter plan costs €39 per month (1 plugin on 1 domain), Growth (the most popular option) costs €79 per month (3 plugins on 2 domains), and an Enterprise account costs €149 per month (unlimited plugins).

So besides using the bol.com integration with an unlimited number of products and with full features, you can also use other plugins to optimize your webshop even further (for example connect with other MarketPlaces or use payment integrations).

Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa: customer service

As with most eCommerce service providers, Bolfeed.nl and Woosa offer personal customer support within normal business hours from Monday to Friday.

You can contact Bolfeed.nl either via an online form or by sending an email. Woosa also offers personal support (via phone and via a support ticket system) and has an extensive range of customer support documentation and user manuals available for free online.

The similarities and the differences

The similarities and the differences Bolfeed.nl vs. Woosa

There are a lot of similarities between Bolfeed.nl and Woosa, the two Dutch software providers who help you to connect your webshop to bol.com, but let’s take a closer look at a few of each platforms’ other features and benefits to give you an idea of the differences between the two.

Bolfeed.nl Main Functionalities

Importing products

You can automatically import products from top providers such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Pretsashop, Magento, CCV Shop, and Shoptrader.

Order Linking

Through the Bolfeed.nl order link, you can synchronize orders with your online store making it faster and more efficient to process orders.


The VVB shipping feature means that orders from bol.com are automatically integrated into the backend of your store. You can also create automatic production of labels through your webshop software, which you can download and print.

Woosa Main Functionalities

Publish and Edit Products

The Woosa plugin for bol.com allows you to edit and publish products easily. You effortlessly update product information, including price, and adjust parameters.

Automate Webshop

You can automate practically any process, including pricing with fixed percentage margins. Having the ability to automate your webshop fully will not only save you valuable energy and time but will also potentially help you increase sales.

Realtime Data

The bol.com WooCommerce plugin of Woosa allows you to update stocks and prices in realtime, so you will never have the problem of bol.com orders coming in while you are already out of stock.

Multi-account addon

As many webshop owners have multiple stores – mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium – Woosa has developed the bol.com Multi account addon feature. With this feature, you can connect two bol.com Seller Accounts to one WooCommerce store, with different shipping costs and shipping times.


Now that you have a general overview of both Bolfeed.nl and Woosa and the main features of each plugin we hope you have a more clear idea of what each plugin can offer you. So why should you choose the Woosa plugin for bol.com?

Do you have ambitions to grow your webstore internationally? Woosa gives you the ability to use multiple websites and activate other plugins for faster growth.

Do you have a WooCommerce webshop, and do you want to increase sales by connecting it to bol.com? The Woosa.com plugin for bol.com will help you not only to make the connection but also to effortlessly automate processes, export your shipping labels and provide valuable data-driven insights that will help you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction rates. Woosa solutions are cost-effective and user-friendly.

Link your WooCommerce store easily to bol.com with a plugin from Woosa.com.

Want to experience the benefits of Woosa.com for yourself? Start a free trial now!

Check out our free manuals or contact us by email, chat, or phone. Our team is happy to help in any way we can and are available to discuss other plugin options for your webshop.


What is bol.com?

Bol.com, the biggest marketplace in both the Netherlands and Belgium, provides a wide variety of products covering a number of categories, including watches, jewelry, baby products, electronics, gardening, music, film, toys, and DIY, to name a few. The eCommerce provider covers both the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is Woosa?

Woosa is a leading WooCommerce plugin provider that offers numerous solutions and extensions to take your online store to another level. Woosa is a popular solution for online businesses allowing sellers to integrate their stores with marketplaces like bol.com.

What is Bolfeed.nl?

Bolfeed.nl, like Woosa, is a partner of bol.com, which allows eCommerce store owners to synchronize all webshop processes, including ordering, shipping, and insights.

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