How to Use TikTok to Scale your Dropshipping Store in 2023

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing Social Media platforms. Currently, TikTok has 3 million users, of which 1.6 million use TikTok daily. In addition, TikTok's algorithm enables you to easily go viral organically without the need to pay advertising costs. This makes TikTok the most interesting Social Media platform for (starting) Dropshipping businesses in 2023.

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TikTok is one of the fastest-growing Social Media platforms. Currently, TikTok has 3 million users, of which 1.6 million use TikTok daily. In addition, TikTok’s algorithm enables you to easily go viral organically without the need to pay advertising costs. This makes TikTok the most interesting Social Media platform for (starting) Dropshipping businesses in 2023.

Why Should I Market My Dropshipping Business On TikTok?

Increase Brand Awareness

Since you can easily get a lot of views on a TikTok post, you will create more brand awareness. Every marketing guru preaches the power of repetition. The more TikTok users see your brand, store, or product, the more likely they will purchase from you over time. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want thousands of free views for their Dropshipping business with TikTok?

Promote & Sell Products

TikTok is a Social Media platform that only focuses on videos. You can think of funny, emotional or motivational videos. But also useful gadgets and life hacks that trigger our brains. The biggest advantage is that TikTok is a platform for amateurs and influencers. This means that the user expects pure content and quality does not matter. You no longer need expensive camera setups to record your product. If someone finds your video and product interesting, making a sale is the next step. The only thing it will cost you? Time (and hopefully fun).

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Expand your audience

Normally we walk the traditional path of marketing for our Dropshipping store. We do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we start an advertising campaign via Google, Facebook and Instagram and we lean back pressing the refresh button on our laptop to see if we have already received an order. Not necessarily the most effective route to take, but the most obvious one. That also applies for your competitors.

By going on the traditional path, you fish from the same pond as your competitors. You are all trying to convince the same target group to purchase the product from you. Eventually, you will certainly make sales, but these people run just as fast to the competitor if they have a better offer.

Instead, you should focus on growing your audience and building relationships with them. This way you outsmart your competitor and your audience does not switch to another company, just for a few euros less.. Dropshipping content on TikTok can give your product and Dropshipping Store an identity. This results in a wider reach and more loyal customers.

7 TikTok Content Ideas For Your Dropshipping Store
TikTok Content Ideas For Your Dropshipping Store

1. Daily routine videos

Viewers are curious about your business. What does a webshop owner’s day look like?

People are more likely to buy from someone they feel a personal connection with. A daily routine video brings your product to life and gives your company a face. Both ensure that a connection is created between the viewer and your webshop so that they are more inclined to buy something from you. Let the most important processes that take place in a day pass by in these videos.

2. Share your origin story

Especially if you are starting a Dropshipping store, it can be effective to share the story about the foundation of your business. Viewers will recognize themselves in certain parts of your story and it will give them extra information to connect with your product and company. In addition, it helps to see the passion of the entrepreneur and it can also be a source of inspiration for your followers who start their own businesses.

As indicated before, the quality of the content does not matter, it’s mainly about telling your story as purely as possible.

3. Show your production process

Most entrepreneurs have a passion for their company, especially when products are made in-house. It is important to show this passion to your customers and that’s why it’s good to show on TikTok what you do exactly and how you do it. Knowing how a product is produced is interesting for all types of followers. It also shows how hard you work and it shows the  dedication and care your product is created with. This can be an extra motivation for viewers to award you the sale.

4. Use trending sounds

Two of the most important elements to going viral on TikTok are the music and sounds. When you scroll through TikTok you often see video trends, with the same sounds. Create a nice video of your product and use this sound with the video. In some cases, you are lucky and can reach a few thousand views.

TikTok also has many trendy videos and challenges. Try to respond to these trends to promote your products and Dropshipping Store.

5. Product showcases

Make short videos of your products and showcase how they can be used. Each product solves a specific problem. The trick is to visualize that solution in such a way that your product is a “must-have” for almost every viewer. This also ensures more engagement on your TikTok post. Viewers will “tag” each other and thus automatically spread your product through TikTok.

There are success stories of online entrepreneurs who went to bed and woke up with thousands of views and questions about where they could buy the product.

6. Customer Reviews

Social proof is one of the most important elements that a product or webshop must meet to achieve more sales. This means customers telling or showing others how happy they are with the product and recommending it to other potential buyers. Therefore, ask customers to make short videos about their experience with your products and webshop.

7. Collaborate with TikTok Influencers

Use popular TikTokkers and start collaborations with influencers. Influencers often have a lot of followers, who in some cases could even be called true fans. Those fans want to resemble their idol and are willing to buy products promoted by the influencer. By working together with TikTok influencers you tap into a new target group and expand the reach of your Social Media accounts. Because of this, you will not only receive more revenue but also followers.

How To Set Up A TikTok Business Account
How To Set Up A TikTok Business Account

Differences between a Personal or a Business Account

Before you start with TikTok, you must choose whether you want to use a business or personal account. There are a few differences in the types of TikTok accounts. Below we have listed the differences for you:


Personal Business
Sounds All music & sounds Only commercial music & sounds
Website URL in profile Above 10,000 followers Always
Analytics Basic Advanced
Advertising Basic Advanced

Keep in mind that some popular sounds will not be available if you choose a business account on TikTok. On the other hand, the primary goal is to sell your products, which makes extensive reporting and analytics more important. Luckily, you can switch from a personal to a business TikTok account (and vice versa) in between. Although we’ve been hearing through the grapevinethat you should not do this too often.

How to Switch to a Business TikTok Account

Do you currently have a personal TikTok account and do you want to switch to a business TikTok account? Then follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the TikTok app.
  2. Click in the left bottom corner on Profile.
  3. Click on the top right corner of the Menu button (     ).
  4. Go to Settings and Privacy.
  5. Go to Account.
  6. Choose Switch to a business account and follow the steps.

3 Benefits to Advertise Dropshipping Products on TikTok

Aside from a high potential to reach thousands of potential customers through organic views, TikTok also can run paid advertisement campaigns. This means a video or product that went viral organically already, can be boostedeven more through ads. Below we will explain the benefits of paid advertising on TikTok compared to a free post.

Call-to-Action on TikTok ads

An advertisement on TikTok gives you the ability to select a primary goal for that particular ad. For example, the goal can be to sell more products or to get more visitors to your Dropshipping Store via TikTok. Besides the goal, you can also add a Call-to-Action to the advertisement. This means, viewers can immediately click on a link and will be redirected to your sales page. This will increase the conversion rate on TikTok enormously.

Guaranteed visibility TikTok ads

With TikTok advertising, you are paying for views. This means it will be a guarantee that people will see your video, product and Dropshipping Store. Even if viewers don’t click or engage with your ad, they will subconsciously remember your product and maybe even the name of your Dropshipping Store. This will increase brand awareness, aside from revenue.

Endless possibilities with TikTok ads

Compared to a free post, TikTok has more possibilities for editing an advertisement and making it even more effective. For example overlays, sounds, filters and many more. In this way, it will be easier to make viewers more enthusiastic about your product, brand and Dropshipping Store without needing to be a top-notch designer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start with TikTok for my Dropshipping Store?

Just start, is the only answer we can give. Having a Dropshipping Store can be difficult since there are so many competitors out there. TikTok gives you the ability to distinguish yourself from the competition.

  1. Create a Personal or Business account on TikTok.
  2. Start creating videos about packing, dispatching, and producing your products.
  3. Publish a new TikTok video at least every day (7 days a week).
  4. Wait for the first TikTok orders in your Dropshipping Store.

Can I use TikTok to promote my Dropshipping Store?

Of course! Everyone can use TikTok to promote their Dropshipping Store, products, brand, or whatever they like to accomplish with TikTok. You can choose to publish free posts on your Personal or Business TikTok account or you can choose to spend some money on TikTok advertising. It is up to you!

What is the best way to Market my Store on TikTok?

We have already given you some ideas to market your Dropshipping Store on TikTok, but let’s recap a bit:

  1. Choose if you want to use a Personal or Business account on TikTok.
  2. Create videos by checking our 7 TikTok Content Ideas for your Dropshipping Store.
  3. Publish a TikTok video at least every day (7 days a week).
  4. Be patient, viewers will come, and sales will come.

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