WooCommerce vs. Wix: Which One Is Better For Dropshipping?

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Wix and WooCommerce are solutions designed to help you create a website for your online business. Wix is a so-called ‘SaaS subscription’ (Software-as-a-Service), where you pay a monthly fee, and your website is built and hosted within the Wix platform. It is a user-friendly platform with various templates for websites like e-commerce, blogging, and branding. It is easy to set up, but you can upload 50.000 products to your store. When it comes to customization of your shop, you are limited to the Wix app market, which only contains applications developed by Wix itself or with Wix partners.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, is an e-commerce plugin that is specifically designed for WordPress websites. A website via wordpress.org is free, and you can find your fast and reliable hosting partner. WordPress is an open-source system: everybody can create plugins and integrations for it, which means there is a much broader amount of plugins available for you to enhance your website’s functionality and performance. WooCommerce is not limited to a specific number of products you can sell in your store.

You can use either of these two choices for dropshipping, but each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dropshipping.

Which option is better for dropshipping? What should you use when managing your unique needs? This comparison of Wix and WooCommerce for dropshipping will give you the answers you deserve.

We’ll be covering various points about Wix and WooCommerce, including how you can use these systems, what works well for your dropshipping store, and how their mobile optimization functions work. Keep reading to see which option is right for you.

WooCommerce vs. Wix: What Are These Companies?

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce platform

Like we mentioned shortly above, WooCommerce is a plugin that can be used on WordPress websites, making it easier for businesses to create online stores. Formed in 2011, WooCommerce has expanded its reach to offer more than a thousand plugins, including free and paid choices. The open-source design of WordPress WooCommerce makes it easier for the community to create unique plugins and solutions for many situations, including very efficient plugins to connect your online store to dropshipping suppliers.

What Is Wix?


Wix is a company that provides cloud-based web design and development services for businesses. Wix is a so called SaaS solution, where you pay a monthly subscription to have your website run in their system, including their own hosting services. Wix started in 2006 and has evolved from creating sites on Adobe Flash to using HTML5. Wix also supports JavaScript scripting and uses a drag-and-drop interface that lets programmers create sites without requiring prior code knowledge.

WooCommerce vs. Wix: A Side-By-Side Comparison

We can imagine that it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right platform for your webshop. To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared a side-by-side comparison table that highlights key aspects of these platforms, including pricing, SEO functionality, support, third-party integrations, product limitations, shipping management, education, inventory management, and supported currencies. By examining these factors, you can determine which platform best suits the specific needs and goals for your dropshipping business.

WooCommerce Wix
Pricing Free Free and paid plans
SEO function Yes – very strong SEO functionalities Yes – but limited coding quality for SEO
Support Articles and email Ask questions, articles and contact option.
Third-party integrations Yes Yes
Unlimited products Yes Yes
Shipping management Yes Yes
Education Yes Yes
Inventory management Yes Yes
Currencies Yes Yes

WooCommerce vs. Wix: Which Ecommerce Platform Is More Popular?

WooCommerce is currently used in more than five million online stores worldwide. Its connectivity with WordPress, customizable nature and unlimited product uploads make it a popular choice for  dropshippers with a growth mindset.

Meanwhile, more than six million stores use Wix. The simplicity of Wix has helped make it an ideal choice for many starting or smaller scale dropshippers.

WooCommerce vs. Wix: A Comparison of Features

WooCommerce vs. Wix A Comparison of Features

Ease of Use


Wix and WooCommerce can help you get online and start running a dropshipping business site, but the ways how they work are different. Wix is ideal for newcomers to ecommerce who want a simple all-in-one option, but are not too focused on getting bigger. Wix uses multiple third-party apps to help you with dropshipping, plus it provides various modules you can add to your page as necessary. A downside in the ease of use is that the code behind the Wix system is notorious for making it difficult to rank well in search engines.


WooCommerce is best for entrepreneurs with a WordPress website and those who want more control over how they prepare their ecommerce sites. WooCommerce has a vast developer community and many customization options, plus because of the open source nature of WordPress itself, there are numerous plugins designed for specific functions like dropshipping. Especially in the field of SEO WooCommerce is very strong, because you can use the well-known and easy to use Yoast WordPress plugin to optimize your webshop’s product pages and make sure your store gets found in Google.

Themes and Design


Wix offers a variety of online store themes specifically designed for e-commerce and dropshipping businesses. These themes provide pre-built layouts and design elements tailored to showcase your products and create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Examples of popular Wix themes for online stores include the “Online Store” and “Fashion & Clothing” categories, which offer visually appealing and user-friendly designs.


WooCommerce boasts a larger selection of themes, including those specifically created for online stores and dropshipping businesses. As WooCommerce operates on the WordPress platform, you can choose from a vast array of WordPress themes, both free and premium, that are compatible with WooCommerce. Examples of highly-rated themes for WooCommerce include Astra, Flatsome, and Storefront, all of which offer extensive customization options and e-commerce-focused features. Keep in mind that when using WooCommerce, extra attention is needed to ensure that your chosen theme and customizations maintain your site’s functionality and performance.

Dropshipping Plugins and Apps

Wix Dropshipping Apps

Wix offers plugins for many dropshipping providers like Printful, Printify, and Modalyst. You will require the Wix Stores platform on your site to help you keep your system running. When it comes to transaction fees, Wix itself does not charge additional fees specifically for these apps. However, keep in mind that the costs associated with your dropshipping operations will primarily come from the dropshipping partners or the apps themselves, along with any payment gateways that integrate with Wix. These fees can vary depending on the provider, so it’s essential to review the pricing structure of each dropshipping partner or app before you start using them for your online store.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

You’ll find more dropshipping plugins on WooCommerce, including ones that link to AliExpress and Amazon Fulfillment. Just like with Wix, the transaction fees for dropshipping will vary over which dropshipping supplier you use, and it might cost money each month to use some dropshipping plugins. What is important to keep in mind is that you want a direct connection between your WooCommerce shop and the dropshipping supplier, so stock and order updates are as quick as possible. For example, Woosa’s dropshipping plugins make a direct connection between your dropshipping store and dropshipping platforms like VidaXL and BigBuy, which means there is no delay because of other systems in between.


WooCommerce vs. Wix SEO Friendliness


Both Wix and WooCommerce offer built-in SEO support. However, Wix focuses more on helping users create aesthetically-pleasing sites. The code behind the Wix platform is not very SEO-friendly and it doesn’t provide as much technical customization as WooCommerce, which can limit its SEO effectiveness. You can still enhance your Wix site’s SEO by using various SEO plugins available on the platform, but the platform’s effectiveness with SEO is notoriously low.


WooCommerce, running on the WordPress platform, provides more extensive SEO support with numerous plugins that cater to both basic and advanced SEO requirements. Originally being a blog platform, the code behind the WordPress system has since the start been focused on attracting visitors via SEO, so when it comes to being found in Google this platform is much stronger than Wix. One of the most popular and powerful SEO plugins for WooCommerce stores is Yoast SEO, which offers a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your online store’s content, metadata, and technical aspects. With the vast array of plugins available for WordPress and WooCommerce, you can easily create sitemaps, manage permalinks, and implement product filters to improve your online store’s search engine rankings and visibility.

Help and Support


Wix has an online platform where you can fill out a support ticket and receive a call back for help. This feature is open twenty-four hours a day. You can also use the online tutorials and knowledge base guides to help you learn more about how Wix works.


WooCommerce also offers twenty-four-hour customer service. The tutorials and knowledge base guides also help, but WooCommerce has a vast user community that can provide further support.

Supported Languages


Wix has support for nearly twenty languages. The platform supports common languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and Thai.


WooCommerce supports multiple languages, but it also has translation files for various others. These files are consistently updated to include more languages, so you should be able to find something of value.

Mobile Optimization


The Page Layout Optimizer feature on Wix helps manage a streamlined and convenient mobile layout, creating a more distinct website. You won’t have to recreate portions of your site here.


WooCommerce has no distinct optimizer features, but it holds multiple plugins and downloads to help you streamline your content and plan an optimized page. Check around when using WooCommerce to see what can work for you.

Product Pages


Wix’s product pages include simple designs, but you can change product images and text as necessary. The streamlined layout helps you create something fast.


The flexibility of WooCommerce’s product pages is appealing. WooCommerce lets you add more fields, size charts, videos, and other content.

WooCommerce vs. Wix: Pricing and Plans

WooCommerce Pricing and Plans

WooCommerce is free to start using via WordPress.org, as it is an open-source program, but the cost to use certain plugins will vary. Some are paid, some are free. You’ll have to get your own hosting, and the cost for that can vary. Be sure to check your unique needs to determine what plugins and hosting services you require, as your expenses will vary over what you select. We suggest you to use fast and stable hosting for your website. Shared hosting might be cheap, but it can make your site slow or not easy to use for your clients which will reflect in your sales and SEO efforts. We’d recommend to use Hoasted or Kinsta.

Wix Pricing and Plans

It costs $16 per month to receive a custom domain and 2 GB of storage space on Wix, they provide the hosting for your website. You can upgrade to 5 GB of space for $22 per month, or you can use the VIP program for $45 per month. The VIP program provides 100 GB of storage space and up to five hours of video uploads. You’ll also receive priority customer service support.

Wix Ecommerce vs. WooCommerce: What’s Best For Dropshipping?

The answer to this question will vary over your experience, but WooCommerce is more focussed on growth. You can upload more products to your store, it’s focus on SEO means that it’s easier to make sure your products get found in Google and it has more functions and features for you to enjoy. WooCommerce provides a more flexible approach for planning your dropshipping efforts, as you can use many plugins and customize your content as necessary. But Wix can still be useful if you’re looking for something basic, you are running a hobby store, or you’re new to the dropshipping industry.

Be sure to take a closer look at what WooCommerce and Wix can do for your dropshipping needs. You can also check out our Woosa plugins to learn more about how you can benefit from WooCommerce.

Wix vs. WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use WooCommerce or Wix for dropshipping?

WooCommerce is best if you want more control over how you’re adjusting your dropshipping setup. Wix is also helpful if you’re looking for a more basic approach.

Is Wix more expensive than WooCommerce?

Wix can cost $40 or more per month, while WooCommerce costs more when you factor in WordPress hosting and plugin costs. Check your specific module and plugin needs first.

What is the difference between WooCommerce and Wix?

Both platforms are alike in many ways, but WooCommerce has further customization features and plugins. Wix is more predefined in design, but it’s also easier to use.

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Free Guide

How to create a WooCommerce store

In this guide, we will show you the exact steps to create your own WooCommerce store within 30 minutes