Order Connector: Order Import, Shipping & Stock Updater Order Connector Order Import, Stock Updater, Shipping is one of the leading marketplaces in the Netherlands and offers a wide selection of products in categories such as music, film, electronics, toys, jewellery, watches, baby products, gardening, etc. offers excellent potential for an eCommerce business, with 10 million unique visitors per month it is a great platform for anyone who wants an extra channel to sell their products on. In order to smoothly integrate your webshop with and start selling on the platform, it is a must to synchronize your WooCommerce webstore and account. You not only want to import and synchronize your orders to your webshop, but you also want to update stock and maybe there are even more things you would like to automate, like shipping or setting your margins automatically.

Thankfully Woosa is merging order connector and all plugins into one plugin that not only integrates your WooCommerce shop with easily, but it also:

  • allows you to automatically set margins and update pricing
  • it automates orders and shipping
  • updates stock
  • AND it even allows you to sell your own white label products
  • and connect multiple accounts for different countries to your webshop.

Integrating the order connector plugin, will make your life as an entrepreneur a lot easier for your eCommerce business!

Woosa Synchronisation with WooCommerce

The reach of in the Netherlands is enormous, and selling on can skyrocket your eCommerce business. If you want to scale your business and improve your sales, connecting to is a smart move. You can easily set up your account at and start using  the platform.

But uploading all your items would be a lot of work if you have to do all of it manually, not to mention making sure the stock in your webshop and are the same. At Woosa, we don’t like all that manual work. With our plugin, you can synchronise your webshop with, automatically publishing your products on Your orders will be sent to WooCommerce, and stock is always up to date.

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The Order Connector is a WooCommerce plugin that you can use to import your orders from to WooCommerce automatically. You can either manually check and import orders right from our plugin or receive orders to your store automatically. When you sell items in your web store or update inventory, it is synchronised in automatically, so you will never receive bol orders for products you don’t have in stock anymore.

To get the easiest way of working with, you need the Woosa plugin. Setting up the plugin is straightforward:

  • install the plugin,
  • add API keys
  • set markup for prices on
  • set shipping time and cost

Publishing your products on is the ideal place to publish your products. They have a wide variety of items and a large customer base. They also have a great search engine that helps you find the products that you want to start selling. If the products are already known on ( for instance, someone else is already selling them), you can publish them directly.

Publishing your own products to (products that are not being sold on yet)

If your products are new to, you need to publish through the ‘content connection’, a built-in function of our Woosa plugin, that allows you to import all product info and images for new products. You can map many standard attributes from WooCommerce to in the content connection. For the features that are not mapped, you can add them manually. Now you are ready to publish your products to

Do you want to sell your own brand of products via The best way to do this is to download the WooCommerce plugin and use  Content Connection function (this used to be separate addon, but is now integrated in the newly released Woosa bol plugin). This will enable you to publish new brand products on, products that don’t have an EAN code yet, or are not sold by anybody else yet on Keep in mind, however, if you want to sell products that have never been sold on, you will need to submit the product information in order for to publish it for sale.

Manage orders and supplies via the Woosa plugin

The Woosa plugin allows you to manage orders and supplies easily and efficiently. This will enable you to keep track of your inventory and ensure you always have the supplies you need to meet your customer’s needs. order connector

After an order has been placed on, the order will be synced to your webstore, and you can then fully control the order from WooCommerce if you prefer. The stock is also synchronised, so your stock in the store stays accurate.

Usually, you need to mark the order as shipped manually within WooCommerce or With the Woosa Connector for WooCommerce, you can manage orders and supplies automatically with data from the shipping partner. We also offer a support service to help you configure everything correctly.

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Do you want to use your own shipping options?

If you don’t want to use’s own shipping service (‘Verzenden via’), but you want to use your own shipping option, that is no problem. If your shipping partner is also connected to WooCommerce, all the shipping details will be synced to your shipping partner and back to

You may want to use your own shipping options for a number of reasons. It gives you the ability to manage the cost and choose a shipping method that is best for your customers and products. Or maybe you would like to improve your customer satisfaction rates.

Manage multiple accounts for different countries obliges sellers to offer free shipping to their customers. To make sure you can add these shipping costs to the price of your products, it is important to know the right prices for the shipping of your products. This can be tricky when selling to the Netherlands and Belgium because the shipping costs differ.

Where in the Netherlands you can use a letterbox parcel for €4.00, in Belgium you will need shipping, costing €8.00. This can be a massive chunk of your margin if you sell products for around €20 to €30. Setting the price so your margin in Belgium stays adequate will mean your price margin is no longer competitive in the Netherlands.

Which, of course, could be a problem, but we have a solution! With the Woos plugin you can connect multiple accounts to your WooCommerce web shop. This way you can set up a seller account for The Netherlands and another for Belgium, so you can set different prices and settings for each country. The listed price on will be the sum of your product and shipping cost. All the orders, products, and stock will be synchronised between your accounts and WooCommerce.

Managing multiple eCommerce accounts for different countries means you can optimise each site for the specific country’s market, helping you to increase sales. Additionally, you can use marketing strategies for different countries, which can help you to reach a wider audience and help track your sales and inventory.

Price Calculator to automatically set your margins

Using a price calculator will help you to determine your profit margins. By entering your costs and your desired profit margin, a price calculator can help you to set the right margins for each type of product that you sell on

The price calculator can calculate the selling price on for you. Per shop category, you set your margin based on your shipping cost and purchase price. With the Woosa plugin, you can use the default WooCommerce price and add fixed percentages.


There are many reasons to explore our plugin. Firstly, it means you spend less time doing manual work for your business and more time focusing on increasing sales and profits. The ability to fully automate selling from WooCommerce via makes everything faster and more straightforward.

With the Woosa plugin you can differentiate between shipping costs and selling prices in your account, automating the ordering process and ensuring that you are consistently profitable.

*Please note that on 31 March, we are merging the four plugins (base plugin + 3 addons with functionalities for price calculation, content import, multi account functionality and shipping connector) to a single plugin.

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